Freedom is free, ignore the liars

What is expensive about freedom is oppression. That is, the country that is waging war with another country is an expense on its own people in life, productivity, and money.

There is only one price for freedom, diligence against tyranny and oppression. That is, diligence against those who would claim ownership of your labor, and your body. Once you recognize that, then the path to reclaiming that which is yours is made clear.

Two paragraphs for my Christianity viewpoint, then back to the rest of the document.

Let me make this perfectly clear. I see things through what was done through Christ for us. So I see that everything of the old testament was done for us. If you look at the new testament, our salvation was done for us, the price was paid for us. So if you see everything as provided for us, then there is no need for war, or for oppression.

So if everything is a gift from God, and it is given freely, and we are to work with it according to the standards of what is engraved in our hearts, then there is no reason for war, or theft, or extortion, unless you are coveting the property of another.

So the USA goes to war under several pretenses:

  1. Liberating oppressed people in another country.
    1. First shouldn’t we be liberated from an oppressive nation?
  2. Retaliation against aggression.
    1. First shouldn’t we stop being the aggressor in those other countries.
      1. Check your history, we provoked Japan into attacking us.
      2. Iran has not initiated was with another country in decades (Though I will agree that they are probably financing and backing aggressors in other countries.)
      3. Libya, which surrendered their right to defend themselves against us when we started Desert Storm against Iraq, was overthrown using CIA agents backing a rebellion that we created out of a minority group called the Muslim brotherhood. Now the Muslim brotherhood has taken the advantage in several countries and targeting more allied countries, and I have no doubt this includes us.
  3. Protecting free trade
    1. Destroying production in other countries, enforcing monopolies is “protecting free trade”?
      1. Aspirin plant in Iraq
      2. Farm land in Iraq, & Afghanistan
      3. Invading countries with drone attacks that we are not at war with.
        1. Pakistan
        2. Yemen
        3. Afghanistan (Post US invasion)
    2. Occupation
      1. We claim that we are fighting for liberty and wholesome development, but yet we have US soldiers protecting poppy fields.
      2. We help to grow and establish a farm, but then pull their water supply, which will wipe them out.
      3. We kill their people, and their people kill us in retaliation. This is Vietnam all over again.

You want to know a better way?

  1. Stop interfering with their countries. The North American – European nations created Hitler. If we didn’t drive Germany into bankruptcy there wouldn’t have been a Hitler.
  2. Free trade. I mean REAL FREE TRADE. No taxation, no regulation, no licensing, no government interference. Piss poor practiced companies will fail, reputable companies will succeed.
    1. Right now all a shitty company has to do is to buy off a politician to favor them with uncontested contracts, unfair regulation, and unfavorable taxes, and that company can, and will, wipe out its competition.
  3. Stop steeling from the people. The people are not property of the state. That is, they own their present, their future, and their past.
    1. Past, what I have built or fairly acquired, I keep.
    2. Present, I am not enslaved to another, nor am I indebted to another without an agreement to full fill.
    3. Future, Unless I have purchased or acquired a service I am not in debt to another for any amount. That includes my actual life. I own my life, and as a free man I am not to be indentured into the enslavement to another.

But the bible promoted slavery!

No it didn’t. Slavery was in their culture, and was recognized, but find a section that says something along the lines of “Thou shalt own slaves”,  or “Thou shalt be enslaved all your life to a slave master”. Let me shorten this to endorse you to start your reading here.

By the way, under the Roman empire, under Cicero, a slave could (would?) be set free within seven years, and under that law a slave would normally be set free by age 30. Many slaves were people who sold themselves into slavery for their family, or because they could find a master that they could learn from as they served. Sort of sounds like modern military service doesn’t it? Don’t tell me you don’t believe that we have modern slavery when we have mandatory military service because you enrolled into an enslavement program without knowing what you were signing into. Lets not forget the US still has the draft, another form of non-voluntary selective service enslavement. Lets also remember that reservist can be called back into duty without the effort that it would take for a resigned or retired non-reservist military personnel. Modern Military Life = Roman Styled Slavery.

Lets say it did, for a moment.

Does that mean the oppression is right, or that we should be considered property of the government? I thank God every day that I am counted as one of His, by His gift, so that I cannot be counted as one amongst the things of this world. Because if the bible did state that we are to be counted as part of this world, then I would have to seek another religion, or become an Atheist. And that I why I refuse to discriminate against Atheist, they have only seen a god that is the opposite of what I preach. If your doctrine counters liberty, if your doctrine counters life, if your doctrine counters the principles that I preach when I preach Christ Jesus Crucified, then you are not preaching Christ, you are preaching evil. You are the reason that Atheist hate Christ, you are the reason that we fail to win over the hearts and minds of the people to Christ.

Do I want everyone to become into Christ? Yes. Do I expect them to? No. Is it by my hands that they become into Christ? No. I can plant the seeds, and water the ground, but it is God who gives the increase.

A Circular argument against God

#1: It is my decision to become Christian, which I won’t, even though I won’t bother trying to learn your flavor of Christianity, so that I am proving that God doesn’t provide the increase.

#2: It is my decision to become Christian, which I will give a half hearted attempt at, by reading everything that is not written to me, rather than asking God for guidance, or him sending a teacher, which would entail me humbling myself to Him so that I could actually ask. We know that I cannot do that because there is no god, but my own self worship.

#3: I half heartedly asked, stooping my pride for a moment, knowing that he wasn’t going to answer, and voilà, he didn’t answer.

Why am I attacking these viewpoints? Because they are used against me regularly, so I added the unspoken words back in, which exposes the statement for what they are. However it also exposes why the bible is used so frequently by statist and atheist alike against Christians and Libertarians (including big ‘A’ libertarians). I’m not saying this to attack atheist views, most of them have some really good arguments. But they also have some serious flaws, if they don’t understand what they are reading. Hell, why do you think we have so many denominations. Even us Christians get into arguments.

I’m going to let you into a secret here. I hate the word Trinity, and Trinitarian. They are NOT found in the scriptures. These titles are man made. They only title that I will use are those that are written in the bible when it comes to describing God, and describing the children of God. However, do I believe in Christ Jesus? Yes. Do I believe in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost? Yes. But I will not endorse a title that doesn’t exist. Simple as that.

Why did I just say that. I want you atheist to know that out of everything you may know about the scriptures, and of church, and religion, you are probably flooded with dogma well over everything that you should know about Christ. That being said, I will always choose to defend an atheist against dogma first. You deserve the truth over more dogma.

Where am I going with this?

I wanted to lead to this conclusion, since I was a bit of everywhere. Just as an oppressive government removes free from freedom, if we tried a theocracy, we would lose freedom under the banner of a false profit trying to claim that they are some great one under a god.

  • Freedom is free
  • Costdom is what the government tries to sell us as freedom, but is a nicely wrapped lie.
  • Modern theocracy is just another form of oppression.
    • I am calling everything prior to Solomon as pre-modern theocracy. Meaning we were to take our disagreements to God, not to man.


Everything here is easily google-able, so I didn’t bother providing links to everything.

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