Is MS just daft, or did they purposly, and repeatingly ignore a systemic bug with IE?

One of my biggest problems with IE is the integration of native controls into their rendered page.

I have a <select> tag. This tag gets an ng-model=” attribute. In a simple page, this works perfectly well. Add in cases of state change to the model, and BOOM! there goes IE. FF, Safari, and Chrome, no problem. IE 11… Boom! And a Boom! that is so bad that I lose my desktop.

I also had the same BOOM! when I was using Bootstrap.UI, because the tab directive caused a recursion problem. It is rare, but my SPA is a very complex web app.

My favorite note on this is that the Connect service from MS, only allows for 50MB dump files to be uploaded. These BOOM!s are all 58MB compressed.

I keep ranting on testing. And I KNOW Microsoft has been testing more and more, but problems with the dropdown control has been a JavaScript thorn for decades now. I just don’t understand where the failure to understand the problem or solution is?

I know what my solution will be. I am building a directive called SelectOption. To use it, you will just add its reference to your Angular.js app, and if it loads, then all <select> elements will be properly replaced with something that eliminates the native drop control from your web page render.

When you ask? After the 100% peer mesh network, and the open source social media site is done.

You want it sooner? Pay me.

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