I hate ninja installs from Adobe, google, Microsoft, et al…

How many fucking times do I have to uninstall McAffee, because they didn’t make it clear that was part of the install package?

Fuck you Adobe! Same goes for Google and Microsoft!

If I want that fucking addon crap, I would have installed it on purpose!

It is time to talk to a lawyer and see if there is a property infringement violation here.

This year alone, my computer has been infected by unwanted software from McAffee, Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft. Yes, I am calling it an infection. When you install something I don’t want, with something that I do want, I consider that a Trojan virus. That is an infection.

It is time to start treating these companies as virus producers.

Scott Hanselman has a better article on this problem. http://www.hanselman.com/blog/DownloadWrappersAndUnwantedSoftwareArePureEvil.aspx

[Yes, this is a late night rant, and I am pissed because when competing AV programs run on my computer it slows down to a crawl.]

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