We are an oligarchy now what?

The problem is that liberals, conservatives, and libertarians do not agree on the root of the problem or the solution.

If the government is owned by corporations, then more government cannot be the solution. But if we have less government would we have more corporate influence?

The real question is, where does corporation get their power from? Force. It doesn’t have to be their force. It could be public force from people “just following orders”. So if we remove force, then corporations would only be able to do what they want to do, as long as the people agree to it.

Lets go one step further. There are no corporations. I checked the animal kingdom, and the plant kingdom, no such entity exists. So corporations must be a mythology created as a byproduct of government, to control people even further, by putting us into the modern enslavement of not being able to fend for ourselves by putting us into modern corporate communes.

All these titles are various versions of lies. It is time to realize the only truth is found in Christ and anything that government or corporation can do is to put us into their falsehoods and lies, to bow us down to their god of mammon.

[Corrected Typo] Sorry, I shouldn’t post when half asleep, so I corrected and hope that you can forgive the original error.

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