Time to reflect on how Social Media reflects Mob Rule more than most things.

I just left Reddit, again. Deleted account and everything.

The problem with Reddit is that the cost of vote is free, just like voting at the polls, a mob rule mentality. There is no sense of expense or value to the voter.

Lets look at it this way. Facebook gives you Four vote options, Like, Share, Comment, or Don’t vote. How that works is that you cannot harm the exposure to a post, but you can not contribute to its exposure. And there is a cost to the vote, that is your name it attached to the vote, or share. So if you vote or share something that people hold offensive, then you are now paying the cost of that vote or share.

Sharing is a vote option is because it increases the exposure of an article. Commenting is a vote option because it brings a discussion to the forefront of the activity walls, increasing exposure.

Lets look at the Reddit model. Votes are anonymous. There is no cost to the vote. If you down vote, then there is no impact on the voter. This is a very mob rule style voting. Some perfectly good articles are driven into the hole because there are people who make it their goal to squelch speech.

The fix. An open source social media outlet that doesn’t hide voters, and adds the additional expense to a down vote of explaining why it is being down voted.

If you raise the expense, you kill the frivolous vote, and the troll votes, because people actually have two costs to their vote. 1. Other people know, 2. You have to justify your action.

That being said, I will announce very soon, a new open source initiative to make a fully open source social media platform, which will be designed to play nice with all of the blog engines, and the other social media sites.

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