Government Tyranny at the Bundy Ranch

[Renamed from: The revolution has begun… and the federal government fired first.]

[Edit notes] I am going to keep adding to this news link list as I find relevant articles. Duplicates may happen, and I will clear them out over time.

The federal government, U.S. DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT, is assaulting Americans for protecting the use of PUBLIC land.

This is the Bundy Ranch in NV. This over an arbitrary fee that the government has been trying to steal from these ranchers who have had this ranch for centuries. Can you believe that. A ranch that has been producing equitably longer than the US has been charging income taxes, and the government has arbitrarily decided to start stealing the money of these ranchers.

The 4th amendment is dead, you hear how they tried to abuse a warrant in the video. You are a slave to the state. It is time to take control. As these protesters have proven, you don’t have to use violence, that is the weapon of the aggressor, you have to use the weapon peace. Use the media, cameras, phones, blogging, etc. Get the message out that the government has been assaulting peaceful private citizens, and has decided that our liberty is only at their discretion.

[See 2nd update below] Rather than a tea party, are we going to be put into a position where we will have a beef party? Americans could only buy from sanction sellers of monopolized teas, leading to the tea party.  Now with beef prices raising, are we only going to be able to buy from sanctioned beef monopolies?

We are closer to the modern version of 1770 than we thought. We are closer to the point where we have the new American slaughter as a tyrannical government.

[Edit] Per one of the newer added links, a video journalist has witnessed the government people stealing the cattle, and pushing them to auction as soon as they grab cattle.

[Update 4/10 1:18pm] The governor of Nevada is now condemning BLM.

Sheriff Mack, Gilbert AZ, who’s voice is on this video, will also be heading to the Bundy Ranch to show peaceful support, and hold a press conference, and is condemning the actions (Lack of there of) of the Clark County Sheriff Sheriff Douglas C. Gillespie.

Personal Note: If you residents of Clark country haven’t started a recall motion of your local sheriff, start now. Do not wait another day. It is clear that he is elected, and oust the Sheriff for not upholding his sworn duty to uphold the constitution, and protect the people from threats domestic and abroad.

[Update 4/10 4:05 pm] This worst than government sanctioned meat! This is about water and gas. The government is using its force to remove the Bundy Ranch from their land so that developers could use the water and natural gas supply!

[Update 4/11 5:27 pm] Looks like cell connections are down. This may be the big push into the Bundy Ranch.

[Update 4/11 10:31 pm] The Clark Sheriff is finally meeting with the resistance Sat 4/12 at 9 am. Lets have as many boots on the ground as possible, and support the Bundy Ranch family.

[Update 4/12 11:47 am] With the massive outpouring of support, the BLM has backed down. However, the fight isn’t over. Keep the boots on the ground until it is, otherwise I suspect that we could see another raid.

[Update 4/14 6:16 pm] There will be a direct raid of the Bundy Ranch. This time it will be the Bundy home, and the homes of the Bundy family members. We must have boots on the ground to defend their liberty.

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