Everyone agrees, Statism is good… NOT!

We all love how well our streets, highways, and interstates right? We never see a pothole, are sinkhole, or major crack in the road, right? They never pick prime traffic time to manage the roads, so that you are never inconvenienced do they? And when the guys are maintaining the roads, they do their work so efficiently, not wasting tax payer money, right?

Isn’t the DMV just amazing? You get to socialize with all those people that you never would have meet before. The efficiency of the staff and how fast they work just blows your mind. But in CA some times you have to smog check, and other times you have to smog check with a “test” only, which is really great if you fail, because then you get to go to a different facility to pass, and then pay for a whole new test.

Then lets look at how CA protects us from companies by forcing licensing for everything from bussing tables, to cutting hair. California, being one of the top licensing states in the US hasn’t found a monopoly that they haven’t like to create for the public good. I’m just waiting for them to license sales people and software engineers, then this state should become amazing.

We also have the wonderful government protecting us from salt, lard, sugar, and all of those other horrible, horrible, things that our grandparents, and great grandparents grew up on. Ignoring the fact that we are now fatter than ever, and have more cases of heart disease, and that the high and low cholesterol in our bodies don’t seem to have anything in common with the food that some of us eat. But they are protecting us from it. That means something right?

Of course California’s taxation is the best, we have luxury taxes, property taxes, wealth taxes, sales taxes, death taxes, gross product taxes, business taxes, gas taxed, utility taxes, state surcharges, city fees,  etc. Everybody gets equally over taxed so there is no unfairness here.

Lets look at the LA cops, everyone is an ongoing suspect for some crime. Yay! Lets keep everyone one safe from everyone else in LA. We all know we are out to steal, kill, and destroy from everyone else. And as for the rest of CA, we know that just because you are self medicating with the drug of your choice, you must be a criminal, given a criminal record, have your credit history destroyed, and make you virtually unemployable, because we all know that everyone should be on tax-payer subsidized caged housing, just so that if you are released, you should be on tax-payer subsidized free-range housing.

Historical Real Median Household Income for California and the US. [ref]

Date US California
2012 $51,371 $58,328
2011 $51,557 $58,484
2010 $52,703 $60,772
2009 $53,760 $63,084
2008 $55,484 $65,074
2007 $56,189 $66,386
2006 $55,176 $64,508
2005 $54,387 $63,075

Historical Real Per Capita Income for California

Date US California
2012 $27,319 $28,341
2011 $27,266 $28,441
2010 $27,443 $28,805
2009 $28,270 $29,850
2008 $29,421 $31,340
2007 $29,554 $31,758
2006 $28,774 $30,718
2005 $29,445 $31,521

Isn’t it amazing how after 2007 that both the federal and state median income has fallen? At this rate we will all equally qualify for minimum wage, except the politicians, and public servants (Masters). We will all make between $9 and 20 thousand dollars a year, because we will all have two part time jobs, since no one will be able to give us a full time job, then we will all be financially equals. Or it will be amazing because we will have full time tax free jobs because we will be criminals working under the table. Isn’t that great! Fearing that we will have an FBI raid for tax evasion, because we cannot make enough money otherwise, of if we do, we are forced to pay corporations for services that we don’t want. Yay!

Also lets not forget how the government knows who we should associate with, who we should communicate with, when and what we should say in public, and on the internet. Aren’t they just the most caring people, to limit our liberty for self expression to such a degree that we are criminalized for being mentally liberated? How loving is that? So we shouldn’t contemplate our position in the universe and with one another, or universe forbid we should actually consider that there may actually be a God, we just cannot have those thoughts can we?

What would we do if we didn’t have the government tell us who we can marry, who can inherit our wealth, who we can buy from and sell to, and what we can make? Open sky above forbid, we may actually do business with these evil people that are not sanctioned by the state and get either a better product or a cheaper price.

Lets not forget that when we marry we have to remember that the state gets part of that action too. Marriage license fees, marriage tax (A term referencing the inequitable assignment of taxation to couples that report their marriage and combine incomes for filing.), but they are not that unfair, they do let you keep some of your income if you have children, a mortgage, or if you make a low enough amount that you also get to keep some for a renters credit. Yay!

And you know how amazing the government is when it comes to equality. We jail more minorities for drug abuse than anyone else in the world. We have special tax exemptions for minorities and women. Or lets look at it another way, if I want to start a business, I have to pay more because I am a Caucasian male, which makes me punishable by higher taxes than everyone else. Even though it isn’t my fault, and in many ways I didn’t have an advantage to justify any moral superiority, I am still punished for just being a white male. This must be a good thing, since it was dolled out by the government.

There also must be an over population and global warming issue, even though most of those studies have been either completely debunked or failed most of the smell tests, because we are still put under threats of fines and full criminal actions if we don’t comply with “sustainable climate change preventative green actions”. And we must be over populated when the government goes out of its way to use tax payer funded clinics to help mothers dispose of healthy viable children before they are born.

Lets not forget the best thing that government does, that 8000 lbs. elephant in the corner, gun control. Apparently when these inanimate objects are left to their own free will, they slaughter millions of people, it surely couldn’t be the user, they were just a hostage to the gun. And when you add a lot of peripheral cosmetic items to them, suddenly they become so vicious that they are now assault mass murdering machines. Never mind that those areas that have the least gun control laws have the lowest gun crime rates, and that year after year more crimes are prevented by people who own guns than those that don’t. Never mind that it takes less time to pull a gun out of your holster, purse, or pocket, than it does to call the police and wait for their arrival. Removing guns must be the right thing to do because government wants it.


Several pages of sarcasm are out of the way now. However, this is sarcasm. At what point will people wake up and realize that the state, and the federal government is not the solution, but is the problem. When will the people realize that we must have not a constitutional government, which will corrupt over time, but no government, so that when one forms, either as a corporatism, or some other governance, the people through wisdom will send it down in flames to the pit of destruction.

By the old testament, government was an abomination. It was evidence of the people turning from God. In the new testament, government was an abomination, but Jesus realized that if Caesar claimed the gold, then pay him what is his. Don’t fret about it, you can live without it. Paul was arrested several times, and each time, rather than hiding or caving in, he stood answerable for his convictions in Christ. He lived not as a criminal, but completely outside of the law.

Gandhi lived giving unto Brittan what they claimed, and moved on to live outside of the law. Proving again and again that you don’t need government.

Adam Kokesh has lived outside of the law, proving that you can peaceably protest, be jailed, and still walk free, without raising force against another man.

These people have amazing things in common, the question the status quo.

Note for Christians: I am not diminishing the lamb of God with this historical note, rather I am pointing out the “Man” of Christ, and his actions, with their result. If you want a lamb of God teaching, then you will need to wait for that one, I am still working on it.

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