Meeting with Adam Kokesh

Adam Kokesh and Brian WebbThat is all of the 6’ 2” of me on the left in that picture. So Adam is not that short, I am that tall, and wearing my Ariats, I probably measured in at 6’4”.

Let me start with, if you worship or idolize this man then you are doing yourself and him a disservice. He has no halo, no wings, no antennae, no wires going from the base of his skull to some massive computer. He is just a very smart man.

It is interesting to see when his thoughts form, and how they converge into some form of reality. This is how most successful creators of great things seem to work. But like a team minded person, he goes through the full cycle of getting the input and thoughts of his team members. His team is an amazing group of free thinkers, and they all have a fantastic means of converging their ideas. I would love to see a video of the makings of an episode of ATVM, just so that you guys could have the point of view that I did for an hour.

I am pausing to call out Jeffrey Phillips. Let me start with each of my first impressions. Over the phone, I thought I was going to see an experienced polished studio producer. He just has that verbal acuity. Then I saw him in person, and wow! He looked like a Rocker, society drop out. But then I got to see his mind work, and I am impressed again. He didn’t express things in technical terms, but in complete vivid expressions that he tries to bring you into his vision. I would be terrified if this guy ever went into the game industry as a designer/producer, given enough time to fill in the technical skills that those people need, he would be a massive bomb shell. But I hope the never does that, because I would be concerned that it would derail him from what he is doing.

Now let me get back to Adam, physically he appears to be back to full health, and not this slowly going boney person we saw on YouTube from incarceration. His beard is back to that “I am a professional” look that makes him so approachable.

Here is a secret without the secret being released, watch form Adam back on the small screen on cable. The reasons I don’t want to reveal anything more is because what I do know could change, and what I don’t know is massive. But I just know that this is better than anything I have thought of. It is the result of working with people you trust and share a vision with.

Here is a couple of notable events that happened in discussion:

  1. We were discussion the smoke outs, and I commented that my holding back from going is that I don’t do (Insert foot in mouth) drugs… [DUN Dun duNNNNNNN]. And immediately followed up that in other smoke out events that I have been near, I was smoking one of my cigars, in support.“But isn’t nicotine a drug?” and that was just his opening statement. And I thought to myself, this is the Kokesh that I have enjoyed. They guy who is there to wake you up from your oxymoronic statements.

Side note: Hey Adam, Yes it is a drug, is is a stimulant, my mind can handle stimulants over Cannabinoid, because I don’t go into a distractive state when I take in Caffeine or Nicotine. All prescription Cannabinoids that I have tried put me into a distractive state, which makes what I want to do too hard. I also don’t drink, (here comes my hypocrite statement) more than 4 times a year. (I feel nauseous when I am being a hypocrite.) [Leaving this in because I don’t mind ridiculing myself when I am being a hypocrite.]

  1. So when I stated that I am a Christian Minister, Adam asked, “What denomination?”. Apparently I need to make this clear-er on my blog. I am non-denominational, on the grounds that my experience with many Churches, with exception, is that they are just as bad as most governments. The body of Christ is the Church of Christ, and the individuals are the tabernacles of God. No building, or governing group can prevail over the realization that Christ is both the head of the Church, and the Church belongs to him, not a bunch of individuals who claim to be able to sell salvation, or determine who will be damned. (Either preach Christ crucified, so people may be able to come unto God, or you are just damning people to live under a condemnation that is reserved to those who never come to know God.)So the joke went out about Mormons and scientologist. Hoist the Mormons up on their own petards, let them embarrass themselves by ignoring the written grace message. (When you create new scriptures from whole cloth, and it fails to line up with the message of the lamb, then there is a good chance that you are going down a dark path.)

    Then I was asked about scientologist, (NOTE: I believe in the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP), so this reply was completely for the laugh,) “A meat grinder will solve the problem with them.” Then I made is clear that was a joke and such an action would violate my NAP belief. We all chuckled. Timing was right.

[Edit: No I don’t hate, or dismiss other religions, or their affiliations. It was in fun and jest. If you feel that I hurt you because of your beliefs, I want you to think about that. It means that you hold my words of such high value that they actually hurt you. Why are my words that high of value in your life?]

It was a shame that I had to take off after an hour, but try to drive from Santa Monica to Irvine after 4pm….

Next time I am back up there, I plan on bringing some of my Kentucky style BBQ with me. Yes, this vegetarian can still cook up a mean carnivore meal, and satiate the vegetarian pallet too.

Before I sign off, let me tell you, these are good people, even the dogs, though one of them barked at me. The interns are young, as you would expect. The Sr. staff are young-ish, (I am personally so old, that Moses still owes me 5 bucks, and his nick name was “Mo”, “Yo! Mo, can you have the big guy do something about that approaching Egyptian army?”).

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