If you were to live according to your standards… a message to “liberals” and “conservatives”

  1. Would you put bases on the borders of countries that you don’t want to go to war with?
  2. Would you jail people for harming themselves?
    Cost Review- Drug Abuse, Treatment, Incarceration 
  3. Would you bail out a business that has done everything it can to destroy its customer base? http://images.businessweek.com/ss/07/12/1217_bailouts/index_01.htm 
  4. Would you allow the government to seize private property?
  5. Would you give up your rights to free speech, free assembly, or religious practice?
    Court Orders YouTube to Yank Anti-Muslim Video
    Hey, IRS- Even the Tea Party Deserves Free Speech
    Arizona Bill Would Restrict Teachers' Speech
    Group Sues to Stop Perry's Prayer Day (Just don’t participate if you don’t want to. I won’t.)
    Tennessee Makes Posting 'Distressing' Images Illegal
    Sarah, Newt Don’t Get the First Amendment
    ACLU- Lobbyist Rules Restrict Free Speech
    Maryland Cops Spied on Peaceniks
    (This is one of my favorites, and it gives you a sample of how long government overreach has been going on.)http://billofrightsinstitute.org/resources/educator-resources/lessons-plans/landmark-cases-and-the-constitution/tinker-v-des-moines-1969/

Rather than continuing on this list, how many liberties will you give up? How many violations of human rights are you willing to perform? Are you willing to see that Obama and Bush have been doing the same things, but at different scale?

If you didn’t like a country, would you have your children get shot and killed over it? Why your neighbor? Why not you?

If you saw someone who needed help do you help them? Why not? Why would you? I help people out all the time, but I also ignore people all the time. Would you hazard to ask why? Could there be a case where I would judge someone as being able to help themselves, but they have decided not to? Should I help them, if they are putting no investment into helping themselves? Could it be that I don’t believe that I am another man’s sufficiency? Isn’t that between a man and his personal beliefs?

If someone frustrates you, would you ban them from being near you? If you didn’t have control of that property, would you bring in a thug to do so? Would you deceive people to gain an audience to back you, so you build an emotional foundation to back your delusion? Would you turn this audience into a mob to back this delusion? Would you harm the person who bugged you? Jail them? Kill them?

If a person is harming themselves, would you find that as an excuse to let it bug you? would you believe that there is nothing that they can do to stop the issue, so you must declare their self injury your issue? Are you now going to harm them more, to get them to stop harming themselves? Are you going to cage them, and make it difficult for them to recover their life because they harmed themselves? Are you going to kill them for it?

Are you going to kill someone because they are defending themselves against your aggression? Isn’t that was criminals do? Do you see everyone as a criminal, so you have to act like a thug against them? Do you think that they are too stupid to manage their own lives, so that the things that you don’t agree with makes them worthy of death, or incarceration?

Are you better than all your neighbors? Do you see a person’s name on a banner, and assume that they are smarter than you? Are you so afraid of society becoming something other than another person’s vision, that you are ready to let them rule you? Are you so weak that you cannot think that there is a problem with a person ruling over unwilling subjects?

Are you so weak, and blind that when a ruler does wrong, or even evil, that you are willing to dismiss it, because they are just human? If they are just human, then what makes them so special that they have the ability to rule over you? Are their morals really your morals, or have you just conceded yours over to them, for a “quiet life”?

At what point does this list of questions get you to think? At what point do you wonder if everything you knew was wrong? Are you willing to make a change? Are you willing to let go of your delusions of government and relook at liberty? Are you still asleep?

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