Lets do some Q&A.

Please don’t take this as a shot across the bow p0st. This is meant to be a “lets have a discussion”, which is why I loaded it with questions. There are no comments that are not welcomed, except for blatant insults.

Do you honestly believe that when you die that is it? Nothing more? Why are you even alive then?

If there is no life after death, why are you emotionally bound to some sort of morals? A person with a big enough gun, or enough followers could oppress millions, more if the oppressed were part of the gang of oppressors. So why not just be an oppressor, or lead oppressors?

Here is the thing. Most of us have some ethical influence emblazoned into our lives at a young age, though religion, or though who were influenced by a religion. Some of us gained our influence over the fear of the judgmental result of the eternal. Others got it from believing in a being that is so magnanimous that he needs or wants nothing from us than to just learn and accept him for who he is, correctly in our lives.

You say, “Oh right. I live morally because that is the only way I get along peaceably with my neighbor. That is our nature.” So you are saying that oppressing one another is against nature? The animal kingdom seems to disagree with you on that. Remember the term alpha male/female is derived from pack animals that have a distinct social order and leader.

Humans are basically not natural by nearly any sense. We face danger regularly. We wage wars with our own kind, and not even with our neighbors, but with strangers on the other side of the planet. We build up well past subsistent living until we have this thing called leisure. We modify our environment well beyond to support living, but to go to the extent of art and man made beauty.

Some animals have some of these traits, but find another animal that has gone to the extreme that we have.

Humans have learned so many ways of new oppression that we don’t even realize it is oppression. Animals use physical force, scent markings, sounds, and other 5 senses traits. Man uses written words on pieces of paper which motivate other people to promise harm to those who do not agree to the writings on the paper. Sounds like a false god and his followers doesn’t it.

So some of you complain that a belief in a magical unknowable being, that created the whole universe, to impose arbitrary rules on us is some ridiculous fantasy. I have to agree. That would be some ridiculous fantasy, as much as an existence that came from nothingness and one moment POP!, and we have all of the makings of existence now available. So from nothing comes everything? Sorry, but in quantum physics, a basic rule is that you cannot create information from nothingness. That means that their had to be something before there was nothing for the big bang to come from.

So does that mean that I don’t believe in the big bang? Actually, I do believe it, but I believe that it is the beginning of all creation. Genesis 1:1. God, in the beginning created the heavens and earth.

Then I believe that everything happened before the rise of man, and the world became in chaos, so God cleaned up that mess.  Genesis 1:2 The earth was formless and void, and darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was moving over the surface of the waters.

Let me note the bolded text of was. A Hebrew teacher taught me that this form was impossible, yet it was never italicized. When a word in the bible is in italics, then that means that word was added to provide clarity. “was” was never italicized. That word is “תֹּהוּ” or in roman lettering “tohuw” meaning to lie waste. So the creation in the beginning was destroyed, which is how you would lie waste to it.

For those of you who complain about God creating everything in 6 days, and resting on the 7th. Here is some interesting information. We do not know how long that “day” was, because the word used is “yowm” which can be translated as day, days, lifetime, some general time period, year, etc. So if we broke up the time from when the immediate impact of a global affecting meteor, or other astral body started to settle, to when just before homo-sapiens started to appear, and divide that up to 6 different time frames, we should have to what amounts as a day.

Second interesting bit of information, Gen 1:3 says “Let there be light”. That means whatever makes up light must have already existed, and all God had to do was to take that substance and put it back into its right order. Sort of what an electrician would have to do to restore a building that had been severally damaged. This same tract of “Let there be…” repeats itself throughout the scripture.

Another interesting bit. This one has some of a translational challenge for me, so I will post my best understanding. Gen 1:28 some translations say “replenish the earth”, where as others say “fill the earth”. This is the word “male’”, which as several uses. Some of these are: to be full, fullness, consecrate, to fill, to be accomplished, to confirm, and refill. So according to this, there was life all over the lands. So that there had to have had to be something that wiped them all out.

At this point, are you still so strongly believing that a collection of philosophers, and archeological evidence (with gaps), and a man on the Galapagos islands have successfully proved that God doesn’t exist?

Now, if after all of this you are now wondering if the problem isn’t with the church, and the fact that they teach nonsense compared to this, then I will gladly agree with you. There are a many churches that teach closed door and closed minded dogma that do not open the door for discussion, and will burry their heads when exposed to scientific information. I’m not one of those.

Since I know I am going to be challenged on this, I am going to pause, and change subjects, which will be in a 2nd post.

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