Free speech is either for everyone, or it is still slavery

I posted a picture, seen below, ridiculing the “–ism” card. This includes genderism, racism, sexual-predicationisms, and I basically got “shamed” by a friend. Because I cherish this friend, names and quotes will be withheld, but I will use this as a teaching moment.

Saying a meme, which ridicules political correctiveness, promotes bad behavior is a cop-out for folding under the fear of a biased society which may be against them. If someone is going to treat another group of people poorly, they are going to do it with or without an excuse, then use any excuse that they find to justify their reason. But that doesn’t mean that you should restrict speech to fight this. If you do, then you are now making a new victim class, the fallout of victimhood class. It is like tossing a grenade into a crowded hall because two people are being dicks. Now everyone is hurt.

1512788_10152030340191700_1485514433_nI live with this every day. I am straight, Caucasian, male, who teaches Christ crucified. To put it simple, I am technically in the majority. However, I am now the most attacked person for being in the majority. In so many conversations people have warned me that I came close to “protected speech”.

What the… I was just quoting some one, or some thing. But [insert ethnic name here] said that just 20 seconds ago. How the fuck is this a sane pattern?

Or the case where I was hanging with friends and some guy makes a pass. That made me uncomfortable. So I said “No thank you.” Then I am accused of being a homophobe by the guy making the unwarranted pass. WTF people. I cannot choose who I am going to hang out with because I am straight.

Pause for a second for some perspective, the gay event happened 200lbs ago, which would put it about 1995-ish. Back then I was constantly prowling for a new girlfriend. May be there was grounds for someone to get the wrong idea. But it still weirded me out at the time. Did I make a aggrandizing remark back then about gay people… maybe. I was young and stupider than I am now. However, now I would still say no thank you, but I would still appreciate the fact that this person felt that he had enough liberty and safety from prosecution to ask was a great thing. Yay for human right to live by your own morals! [Not sarcasm]

Now I have been called a racist too many times because of my disagreements with Obama, Reverend Sharpton, and a few other liberal agitators; or an anti-feminist because of my disagreements with Boxer and Feinstein. So when do I get to pull the race card, or the minority card? When do I get to say “you Caucasian hater!”, or “you male enslaver!”. Sounds pretty dumb doesn’t it? When that is how all “–ism” cards sound to me. They are all means to use society stereotypes to break us into warring factions. Stop it! We are all human, start there. Then move forward to come to a peaceful arrangement. You don’t have to agree on everything to be good neighbors, you just have to agree to be good neighbors.

This political correctness makes victims of everyone. The people who it supposedly defends are now hiding behind words, rather than standing on character. The people who would be bystanders are now victims in the new standard, rather than being assistance to those who would be attacked. We as humans are greater than words, but we as humans must realize that these political correctness words are there to just shackle your mind. Inhibit you from thinking for yourself. You are an action creature, but this world has made you a reaction creature. You have strength for stand, so why do you cower?

To be offended at a meme which promotes thought, and “shaming” someone for it, is missing the point and promoting mental enslavement.

Either liberty and free speech is for all, or it is still enslavement.


    Remember the motto of the U.S. is “divide and conquer”…and THAT is exactly what has happened- Pre- WWII we were a strong nation with no worries about who would “attack” us. It was Eisenhower who warned us that we must not let the powers take away our liberties. My point? That at one time in American History- before WWII, Americans were strong and confident people, as a whole, as a nation united! What changed? For one, slavery…for another, the feminist movement..the imperialism (another -ism for ya!) of the Bush and Clinton families… and it all leads up to… dun dun dun!OBAMA!! :-P
    I assume that the -isms were prevalent prior to 9/11 but 9/11 was the pivotal moment when the powers that be incorporated their “divide and conquer” tactics on the American people. 9/11 “We Will Never Forget!”, but we DID-after 9/11 we began to forget the morals we stood for, forget that we were a country with respect and honor where people would float on inner tubes to get into for Gods’ sake! We forgot our history, we forgot to “love one another”…. we just forgot! Instead, we began to hate. Hate our neighbors because their religious beliefs did not coincide with the “social norms”, hate our communities because ‘foreigners’ started moving in, even hate that our creator could allow this to happen to our great nation.
    The -ism card sucks!
    But the reality is… you ARE a male! You ARE white! None of this was by your choice!
    But “society” has proclaimed you to be one of the “majority”- you’ve not claimed this status for yourself, or have you? :-P
    I do not HATE anyone- minority, majority- it’s just… whatever….
    I do not hate homosexuals- I just choose to not participate! I don’t HATE people of other races- in fact, I believe different races, ethnicities, nationalities, etc. have a lot to teach us!
    In Peace;
    Tami Gilford
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    1. If I had time to write more than 5 days a week, I would be full fledged into the Write for Peace, but I am committed to writing for peace and liberty at my sustainable pace. :)

      As for earth hour, I guess I practice it daily anyways. It is a case where I turn it all off, so I have an hour to read up on Christ, or meditate on liberty. :)

    1. Thank you sir. I will have to investigate the information on this video.

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