Don’t just react to what they say, Think!

  • The people of Iraq didn’t attack us, the government of Iraq attacked us.
  • The people of Japan didn’t attack us, the government of Japan attacked us.
  • The people of Germany didn’t wage two wars, the government of Germany did.
  • The People of Ukraine are not waging a war against themselves, the government of Ukraine is waging a war against the people.
  • The people of Connecticut are not resisting morality of the people, they are resisting the government of Connecticut of government.
  • The people of New York are not resisting the morality of the people, they are resisting the government of New York.
  • The people of CA are not starting to resist the people of CA, they are starting to resist the government of CA.

When you see the world this way, you start to understand what the problem is.

Now here is the challenge for you: Why are you afraid to get rid of the one thing that is guaranteed to try to destroy your life? What will you do to get rid of this poison on society? How will you live free and peaceably?


  1. Reblogged this on Tami Gilford and commented:
    The people of Iraq didn’t attack us, the government of Iraq attacked us.
    The people of Japan didn’t attack us, the government of Japan attacked us.
    The people of Germany didn’t wage two wars, the government of Germany did.
    Actually, Brian, no the people did not wage war, but did their governments really wage war with the U.S.? it kind of depends on whether or not you believe the “official stories” I for one, do not- in any of the mentioned wars. Iraqi government (at the time) was Saddam Hussein and he never actually waged any war on the states (only on his own people- IF you believe that story as well!)
    Germany- in my opinion was only an experiment. I don’t buy the “official story” of that either… just my opinions.. not factual based.. but I AM putting together a very factual based legal brief relating to how our peace is being stolen from us – over at writing for peace 2014 at…Hope to have that up soon!

    Don’t forget EARTH HOUR 2014 is coming up on the 29th of March!
    In Peace always;
    by the way- re-blogged, tweeted, liked, shared ;-) Keep on waking up the sheep!!!

    1. I was trying to be very careful of when I stated waged war vs attack. Germany didn’t attack us, but they did wage two wars. Iraq didn’t wage war with the US, but they did try to assassinate Bush’41.

      I knew that my wording was going to be critical on this post, because it left the door open for a lot of misinterpretation, which means it left the door open for discussion, which is something that I love. :)

      I look forward to your brief. :)

    1. April 13, 1993: After Bush left the White House, fourteen men believed to be working for Saddam Hussein smuggled bombs into Kuwait to assassinate former president Bush by a car bomb during his visit to Kuwait University several months after he had left office.[29] The plot was foiled when Kuwaiti officials found the bomb and arrested the suspected assassins. Two of the suspects, Wali Abdelhadi Ghazali and Raad Abdel-Amir al-Assadi, retracted their confessions at the trial, claiming that they were coerced.[30] Bush had left office in January 1993. The Iraqi Intelligence Service, particularly Directorate 14, was proved to be behind the plot.[31]

      1. all right, that was news to me. I’d like to point out that this was not at all the justification used for the 2003 Iraq war. I distinctly remember pictures of rusty old soviet industrial machinery and footage of mushroom clouds, for weeks on end. Oh and we were going to Baghdad there to “get Bin Laden”.

      2. I keep thinking on your “get Bin Laden” comment.

        If anything, this proves most of my other posts, don’t trust the government. We (US CIA) put the guy in power. We (US DOD) pursued him everywhere he wasn’t. And we (POTUS, COTUS, DOJ, DOD, and more) used the excuse to capture him as the grounds to expand our surveillance system both domestically and abroad.

        I know that it was fear of weapons of mass destruction that was the key reason for our invasion, but I don’t believe it. I believe that there were enough transgressions by the Iraq government against the powers to be in the US, so the US government made up a “plausible” collection of excuses to take them out, while the US people were still angry enough for war. Being I was one of those people celebrating going to war, I am now sickened by how easily I fell for it. It is my past, and lots of introspection that brought me to the position of being a libertarian, but even more so a Capitalistic-Anarchist.

        If I don’t trust the individuals in government to represent my best interest, then I trust the whole entity of government even less. And if I don’t get to vote for these people, then why in the hell should I trust them? I don’t trust most of my neighbors with the wisdom necessary to work for me.

      3. I agree 99%. The 1% is about not voting for them. All those foreign policy staff came up with our screwy foreign policy somehow. It was a process. The outcome of the process doesn’t make sense unless you abandon most of what we think of as “human behavior”, but somehow they as a group came up with what they came up with.

        And they were hired by someone, who was hired by someone, who we, or perhaps previous generations, DID actually vote for.

        There’s not much we can do now other than to make a deliberate effort to either replace the current foreign policy wing of our government, or keep them but firmly direct them to try to not kill and destabilize everyone and everything they see.

  2. “fourteen men believed to be working for Saddam Hussein” ironic isn’t it? Very little-if any- evidence that they actually DID work for Hussein, and even if they DID or were COERCED, it still does not mean they “waged war” or “attacked” America- maybe they knew something that we didn’t about papa Bush? hmmm, Considering that Osama worked as a US government employee- on the payroll- throughout the 1980’s (cold war era) and his parents were having dinner with the Bush family on 9/11- makes one wonder what was 41 really doing up there on the hill- creating Imperialism?-THESE 14 men are “alleged” to have worked with Hussein…In the wonderful superpower that was every person is “innocent until PROVEN guilty” but these men are the complete blame for “waging war” on America? They only went after 41as far as I know- not America the country..
    It was certainly not justification for ANY war- especially the latest false flag “military operation” (3,000 dead on 9/11 does not justify the murder of more than 1/2 million innocent people, including Americas best- the soldiers!
    We are a “do as I say not as I do” country…
    None of it makes sense anymore- it’s difficult to determine upon first look, who is your enemy and who is your ally!
    “Waged war” “Attacked” either way…
    As always Brian, looking forward to more brilliant posts!
    tweeted, reblogged, liked, reddited, pinned,facebooked, shared :)
    The brief will take awhile to finish- it’s a TON of work and as you know now, my time is quite limited… but I’ll keep you updated.
    In Peace Always;
    When I’m wrong- I’m wrong… I’m not afraid to admit it- and I know very little about the attempt on Bush- so if I’m wrong, forgive my error please.

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