Is the house of cards finally falling?

(Note, some video content may have been edited for a more dramatic effect, and as I catch it, I will call it out.)

What how would I summarize this? Hey, you assholes who have become monarchs, and fooled the masses with plays of false and idol worship, the masses are waking up, and realizing that you have been using our hands to wipe your ass. You are not things for us to worship, or even revere. You are remnants of a dead idea that people let fester while they slept. You have pushed too far and you are waking the sheep up. And it is way to hard to put the people back to sheep without blood.

Though I will never decry violence, I will state that disobedience to the point of your irrelevance is at hand. You are about to be made into the nothingness that you always were. Your love of money is going to leave you with nothing, and the people will still be there. Your enslavement of the masses will fall apart when the people discover that the collars on their necks have no lock, and no master.

You, the fake gods, and kings of perishable thrones, you are already unseated, if not today, then soon. Your hand has already been judged, and you have failed to hold anything of real power.

Your wealth only buys you the things of the insane, the labors of the blood of others. In your hands you have slaughtered millions, in the name of those who you claim to defend. You defend none, but live by the lies of the venom you spit from your bellies of lies. Your own words choke in your throat, in that you must digest your own poison to implicate the innocent.

We now see your lies for what they are. They are the vices of death, disease, and enslavement. You are the tools of Theft, Murder, and Destruction. Did you see that, you are not the wielders of those tools, but you are nothing more than those tools.

A man, regardless of his riches and knowledge, will still die the same as the fool who is a pauper. You are still sentenced to death as all who live by nothing more than the flesh of their own hands.

It is still time enough to repent. Repent and revel in the light of the truth. Revel in Christ, for he is your sacrifice, as well as mine, to atone for your sins against God.

It may be easier to pass a camel through the eye of a needle, than it is for you to be saved, but even you can be saved, by the authority that is found in the salvation through Christ Jesus.

So I leave you with this. When you lies fail you; when your flesh is at its end; when you are about to lose the last of your breath; will you then turn to the Lord, and plead mercy, or will you realize that time is now at hand, and change now. For Now is the time of judgment closer than when we last thought. For now also is the time closer to when the people will act out of violence, and for violence benefit, to overthrow you.

I pray when that time comes, that I stand with peace, and for peace sake that I can help all those who tire of war, even you, if you are able to turn to Christ.

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