Are you still idolizing Bush, Regan, or any other president?

Here is one of my concerns: The people who are talking about constitution and liberty, still idolize the Bush regime. Obama, Bush, Carter, they are nearly clones when it comes to spending. What makes them different is their rhetoric.

  • Bush’43 – Pro-USA, Pro-war, Pro-domestic spying.
  • Obama – Con-USA, Pro-war, Pro-domestic spying.
  • Carter – Neutral-USA, Negotiated Peace, Was indifferent to domestic spying… wait, did I say that right? Maybe Carter shouldn’t have been listed worst president prior to Obama.
  • Clinton – Pro-USA, Pro-war, wasn’t clear on domestic spying.
  • Bush’41 – Pro-US, Pro-war. I don’t remember his stance on domestic spying, but he was the head of the CIA for a while. So I expect he was pro.
  • Reagan – Pro-USA, Pro-war, I don’t remember his stance on domestic spying, but he did ramp up the war on drugs, which would require domestic spying.

But this shouldn’t stop here on the question. How about past presidents.

  • Jefferson – All men created equal, and still had slaves.
  • Washington – Fought against British rule, for liberty, and was also a slave owner.
  • Adams – Owned no slaves. Defended the innocent in court, even when they were British soldiers. And tried to title the president as an emperor-esque title. However, when he left office, he would request to be addressed as mister over president. That isn’t a title, it is a job.

However, lets look at one who we cannot find flaw with.

  • God – Since man cannot live without sin, He provided the perfect sacrifice for us. He claims the sole position of our God, and Father, and even to the point of King, that we would follow no other. He supplies from His richness. He provides. He wants us to live with Him, not for Him. That is, we are called His children, not His slaves. His request for worship is that we keep Him in our hearts, and minds, and think upon Him in all we do. His only other request is that we do not worship other idols or gods.

This being said, are you living free, or are you perpetually stuck in worshiping memories of people, and the governments that they have established, or are you worshiping the true God, and living in His governance that He had already established?

If you think that man cannot be trusted to do right by other men, why do you believe a government of men could do any better? If a man is corruptible, then isn’t a government already doomed to be corrupted? If men are inherently evil, then isn’t a government a means to live for that evilness?

I say that people are not inherently evil. Evil is a state that grows and festers under oppression.  However, I will also claim that men are not inherently good either, otherwise evil would be an abomination to men.

If men were naturally good, then government would be futile, because there would be no evil to confront. If men were naturally evil, then none would trust government and it would be destroyed from within.

No, it is only God who is good, and men who walk with him, walk in goodness. But those who walk by the nature of this world walk in a place the promotes Good and Evil equally, and well disguised.

Any liberty that you have to seek permission for means that either the permission you seek is wrong, or the person who allocates such permissions is wrong. 

I want to sell chicken fried in fat. MMMmmmm tasty.

This is illegal in many states because of the fear of transfats. So we eliminated transfats and we still have fat people dying from heart attacks.

Several states create laws to restrict salt. But they still have fat people with high blood pressure.

Lets say I want to sell raw milk and raw milk products. Mmmm tasty. (Actually I can’t stand raw milk.)

This is illegal to sell to humans because the FDA is such a freaking nanny that they say that I will die, even though around the vast majority world people have no problem with this product. But lets also include raw milk cheese, which has no record of having a problem, and the FDA is still causing problems. But it doesn’t stop there, CA has a problem with pickled peppers. One of the best hot sauces is made in SoCal, and the CA FDA is trying to shut these guys down.

I want you to remember, anything that the government grants the government can claim to restrict, and they do it by the force of guns.

So this seems to be a major segue, and it was, but it was to make a point. Anyone, or everyone who tries to establish, build, or expand government must not be idolized. They are no replacement for God, and they are no replacement for your own good judgment.

Man is not worthy to lead other men, the best he should ever try to do is to live with and among them. Anything else is an open door to evil.

Footnote: Some of this was inspired by Adam Kokesh, while a lot of it is inspired by my own biblical studies, and my time on this planet living with God.

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