Why government shouldn’t be allowed to have its own military

Since 1960 we have had over 106 military actions. Many of them in the same region, or even specifically the same country.

If we supposedly know it all, why do we have to do this again and again? Apparently we aren’t doing it right.

Rather than having 2 military actions or wars a year, into perpetuity, lets try something different. Lets try something that we seemed to never have tried. Lets arm all of the citizens, so we can defend ourselves, and have completely open trade.

I can hear it now… “But we will be doing business with evil people who will use our weapons against us!”

When was the last time Switzerland was invaded? Better example, when we were trading with Japan, pre-WWII, they were a great trading partner. Didn’t attack us once. As soon as we had cut off resources with us, we act all surprised when they attacked us.

Why was Germany in such crappy situation where they basically voted to overthrow their own government, and implemented a tyrant? The government was forced to pay for the cost of WWI back to all of the allied nations after they lost the war. This expense decimated their economy.

Further more, the allied nations had used embargos and blockades to block Germany from doing business. What were the people to do?

So if embargos, and military actions don’t seem to work, why is it that the US keeps acting like an insane person and repeating what doesn’t work?

We have not tried liberty, nor have we tried unlimited trade. All we have been trying is more law, more restrictions, more oppression. When the fuck has that worked?

You have a teenager who is disobedient, does driving them away or into a rage make them better? Does starving them make them more loving? Does being a evil dictator make you look like the good guy?

Rom 12:20 If your enemy hungers, feed him, if he thirst, give him a drink, for it will be as if you heaping burning coals on his head. (This is not that you are demolishing him. This is taking these coals that are still radiating heat, rolling them into a towel, and wrapping it around their head. You are warming them over. You are warming their heart.)

But we don’t need the government to warm over our enemy. If we have truly free trade, our merchants can do that where they see the need. And our voluntary charity organization would do the rest.

Lets see how that works:

Company A goes to a country B, and sees that they have a good that company A believe they can make a profit from by selling into country C. Company A sees that the production level is going to be very low, because country B is not very developed, and country B is not thinking about a long term business development.

Company A educates country B to the benefit they could get from trading with them. Country A discovers that they have a product that some other country D has supply of, and they could use that to benefit country B, for the acquisition of goods for country C. Company A does the trade and all parties are now in business.

Lets see if a country gets greedy.

C decides to bypass A, but doesn’t have the materials that B wants, so they decide to invade and take it.

A decides that B has been a great partner, and that he has other partners that will buy from B, if they can survive the assault from C. A rallies an agreement to defend B, in exchange for a more favorable trade agreement with B. A and B strike a deal, and the combined forces of A, B, and D.

C now has a problem. They are known to not be good trading partners, and known to cause problems with other trading partners. They now are having to resort to other forms of theft and enslavement to rally enough resources to just exist.

A is now fully armed and ready to deal with the piracy of C. However, A also does not like the oppression of C over their own people, so A trades as a Free Trader (Black market trader) to bypass the government of C. The people of C, realizing that the government sucks, over throws it, and restores their open trade with the rest of the world.

This is very very simplistic, and nearly fairy-talesque telling. But the principle stands. Leave the power in the peoples hands, and the government loses the reason for existing. Leave the power in the peoples hands and a corrupt government cannot stand.

Things to remember from this, and previous postings.

  • God has stated that he is our sufficiency – Don’t need government for that.
  • God has stated that we can rely on him to defend us – Don’t need government for that.
  • When we are left to do business for ourselves, we generally make better decisions than the government – Still don’t need the government
  • When we are left to defend ourselves, and gun’s response time is in milliseconds, a cops response is in minutes or hours – Still don’t need government
  • Last time I needed help, the government stated almost 2 months before I would get my first check, and it would have been too small to even help. Combination of friends and Church, and my help was in my hands in hours – Still don’t need government

So let me hit the summary

  • 50+ years = 100+ military actions (many were caused from CIA emplaced dictators and places that we would retreat from again and again.)
  • Oppression of trade drives people to support corrupt regimes.
  • Free trade supports more free trade, and promotes liberty

Government is an illusion cast upon us by those who have delusions of grandeur. See through the illusion, and you can ignore it is there.

Resist oppression by living so free that your very existence is treason. You won’t even have to be violent, or implement any form of violence.

Remember, as always, I do not, and will not condone any form of violence, except self defense. And even then that should be the VERY last option that you choose.


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  1. Reblogged this on Tami Gilford and commented:
    The US has been involved in “military interventions” that they do not call “war” they label them with something that sounds more ‘friendly’ like “armed response peace-keeping” or “military assistance” since 1945… WWII was the pivotal moment in history that allowed the US to create the “military-industrial complex” which lead the way to the National Security act of 1947 and the development of the CIA…
    History notes that not just MANY but ALL of the alleged “dictators” (Hussein, Laden, Chavez, Pol Pot, Gaddafi,Castro, Noriega, etc etc etc) were democratically elected in their countries AND supported by the US! What the hell happened? Since 1945 the US has been ‘claiming’ dictatorship- evil- by these leaders so that in effect they could justify military action with the American people, and take control of these countries- allegedly to bring them democracy! In effect it is only to place the U.S. players in position, like a big game of freakin chess!
    Rom 12:20 If your enemy hungers, feed him, if he thirst, give him a drink, for it will be as if you heaping burning coals on his head. (MY interpretation of this verse is that if you do the unexpected- offer peace in times of contention- then this is the biggest way to ‘hurt’ your enemies.. to shock them… to be the ‘bigger person’ :-) Imagine if, throughout history, the US had offered an olive branch to say, Iran,North Korea, or any number of countries that naturally “expect” drones and spying, etc. I think Kim Jong-ul would fall over dead from a heart attack! LOL It probably wouldn’t stop his agenda, but still… it would be a much better way to avoid civilian casualties and possible war or rumors of war…
    Keep posting the truth Brian! (and don’t forget Earth hour is coming ;)

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