Are nationality borders real?

While the US debates their boarders and whether or not to nationalize the illegal aliens, they are just proving how irrelevant the politicians are.

Think about it. If the government can claim a border, then they are actually claiming ownership of land. If they claim nationality, then they are claiming ownership of people.

So this whole argument of land and rights is nothing more than the government claiming that they own you and your land, and are deciding to what extent they are going to allow you to have liberty.

The US recognition of Black History Month is failing one of the most important goals that it should have; that is we have never defeated slavery or ownership over another man. All we have done is to make it illegal to sell a man to another man, this is because the government doesn’t want to share ownership of you with another person.

If you eliminate borders, then you eliminate the imaginary power of the government. However the big problem isn’t this imaginary power, it is those people who have grown up delusional enough to believe in it, and protect it at the expense of others.

If you want peace, then live peaceably. If you want to oppress people, then feign beneficence, then make laws that enslave people, and raise followers who will protect your imaginary restrictions to the death of your opponents.

So what does this mean? It means that if we want fully realized liberty, and peace, that we must educate others as to their delusion, and once it breaks, live free.

However, I will warn you. Do not argue with fools. For their delusion is so fulfilling and grand that they will drag you into their world of pointless debates and confusion that you are apt to sound and look as one of them.

But rather live freely, honestly, and lovingly, and even fools can have the ice on their hearts melt away.

BTW: Before I sign off, this is a shout-out to my Pakistani readers. You constantly surprise me with your diligence on following the message of liberty. Bless you all.

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