Sorry I am falling behind in my posts.

I know that I have been trying to stay 5 to 6 posts a week, and I will be back up there soon, but life happens.

Let me leave you with a thought though:

For those who would call themselves kings or presidents, do you really believe that all that you have at your fingertips is anything more than a delusion? No man’s power is any greater than the man next to him. A single act by the weakest man can topple the kingdom of the greatest. All that you have, all that you think you control, it is but a wisp. A spec in the moment of time. It holds nothing greater than the interest of your fancy at the second. Once that second is up, you have lost it all.

For those who see themselves enslaved, you are shackled by your mind first, and your body second. Once you realize that your freedom is found by way of your thoughts and expressions, then you know that you are always free. Your oppressors may be corrupt, but as you reveal your compassion, you melt away their iced over hearts. Give them what is needed most, love, and they will relent.

For those who don’t call this world their kingdom, seek first the kingdom of God, and all His wealth in glory will be added to you. Seek first the wealth of this world, and you will be held in bondage to the things of this world until you realize that you just need to let go.

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