Venezuela.. you have an opportunity to acheive liberty, don’t squander it.

This is actually to the government of Venezuela.

  • Your people are not yours.
  • They are independent, and free.
  • If your ideals, for a great nation, are so great, then you don’t need guns, or to resist the mass repeal of oppression by the people of Venezuela.
  • The people are no the problem. The problem is a government that forces the people to its will by the threat of violence.
  • Do not suppress the natural liberties of the people.
  • Do not close your ears to the people.
  • Do not rule over your people.

To the people of Venezuela

  • If the government does not resort to violence, then do not resort to violence.
  • If your neighbor resorts to violence, give them your compassion, not violence.
  • You can overthrow your oppressive regime by peaceable means. There was not only one Gandhi, but there is a strong will in each of us, to overcome our oppressors not by violence, but by compassion.
  • Do not give in. Do not budge. Do not feed the beast that has been oppressing you. Violence is its nourishment, and oppression is its way.

Stay strong, and be at peace, for God is with you. You have liberty in Christ Jesus, and through him you are to manifest that liberty.

I pray for your liberty and peace.


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