To Argentina and Ukraine

  • Do not settle for a lesser oppression.
  • Do not give up your guns.
  • Do not give up your liberties.
  • Do not assume that any government that is established will be any better than the one you are fighting.
  • Remember the Egyptians and Libyans are still unhappy with their new governments. You will be too.
  • Only you can be masters of your liberty, not some electorate, or some group thought. The USA is proof that the best government in the world can still be as corrupt at the worst.
  • There should be no kings, no prime-ministers, no presidents, no senators, no representatives, there should be just you, and the people you freely associate and do business with.
  • You don’t need government for that.
  • Become and stay free. 

Prayers and Peace be with you.

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