What is a rose? What is Anarchy?

  • What is a word? Lets look at the word Rose. It could be a person, a flower, a color, something else?
  • What is freedom? Being unencumbered, without regulation, unrestrained, other?
  • What is liberty? Being able to express a thought, or action, without constraints.

What is Anarchy? And here is where we are actually starting this thought.

It is so easy to accept many words as safe, because all common connotations of that word are also safe. However anarchy has been so demonized because it is without rule or guidance. People mistaken this for being in disorganized violence. Yes, disorganized violence uses anarchy, but anarchy does not mean violence. For that matter, is organized violence any better than disorganized violence?

The problem is that we have so associated such strong emotional connotations to words that we fail to understand their meaning. Lets look at another word like discriminate. I discriminate all the time. But what I am discriminating against is what I don’t want to eat, or wear, or drink, etc. The word discriminate is to make a choice based on the value (emotional or otherwise) of the options to you. The word discriminate is not a bad word.

I racially discriminate, in that I choose humans over all other life forms. I religiously discriminate, in that I practice Christianity, though I prefer many of my atheist, and agnostic friends. I discriminate sexually, in that I prefer to date women. I practice ageism in that I prefer dating women who are no younger than 10 years my jr. I also culturally discriminate, in that I prefer hanging out with people who can appreciate many international familiar cultures.

So am I evil and violent by your definition yet? If you judge me by the emotional impact of words rather than the definition of words, maybe. But if you understand the real meaning of the words, then you really don’t have enough information about me to make a discriminating judgement, unless you don’t like people who talk about language a lot.

Now we are back to Anarchy. Anarchy is the belief that all forms of governing bodies are inherently subject to becoming abhorrent. Remove that governing body and you remove that risk. This is because humans are capable of becoming evil. It isn’t that we are all evil. In fact, it is usually a small percentage of us that to evil deeds. However humans also have a tenancy to want to get along, so we compromise on our foundational character, allowing us to become evil. How many times do we have to hear, I am just following orders before we realize that our group mentality causes evil to propagate through association. So an authoritative group is in control, they hire people who are subject to compromising their virtues for the welfare of the group. Now we have the powder keg for a tyranny. The leaders decide to take away salt, now the followers enforce it. So what is worst, Anarchy, or Authoritarianism?

Has central management ever done good? Yes, but nearly always it outlives its benefit. So if this organization is completely voluntary, then its disillusion would be a result of job done. If compliance was completely voluntary, then when items that people won’t comply to come up, the group invalidates itself, and dissolves. It is only through force, from the followers that this disillusion never happens. So central management has done good, but when outlived its short term task, it nearly always becomes a tyranny or at least a waist of resources.

What is worst, is that this central authority is disguised through the use of words, just as emotions are attached to words like anarchy, words are attached to Planning Comity, Senate, President, Police, Representative, Investigation, Peace Envoy, etc. The simple truth is that a president is what you call the head of a corporation, where we are the products of the corporate america. Representatives don’t represent us, but their highest bidder. Police are to police us, not criminals. Peace Envoys nearly always are the first to get into a firefight. Planning Committees are always finding ways to steal your wealth, or restrict your liberty.

Why am I pro-anarchy? Why am I pro-rose? Because I know what I mean, and I don’t mean violence, but the voluntary exchange of being human with other humans.

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