Do I really need to know sin?

When I learn sin, then that is what I am thinking about. However when I learn Grace, then I am thinking about Grace. So if I am made up of what I think, and my actions follow my thoughts, shouldn’t I think Grace not sin?

This is the problem that I see with most religions, especially Christian religions, they are quick to expose sins, even when they are supposed to be preaching grace. I can find and see sin fast enough when I see it, because it is always in opposition to grace.

The same falls true for liberty. I teach liberty, not so that we can know oppression, but so we can know liberty, and live according to that liberty. If all I taught was more oppression, then no matter how much I wanted you to live by liberty, you would only know how to live by oppression, since that is all you were taught.

So if I want you to live by Grace, why in the hell would I want you to learn sin? If I wanted you to live according to the nature of the grace message, then why would I even approach selfishness outside of the nature of grace? Lets get this straight, biblical selfishness is a means to oppress others to the end of building up oneself. This is not what we express as the non-aggression principle.

However, selfishness, as in making sure that your transactions are according to your values and your decisions do not violate biblical principles. Rather, they fit together under the big heading of volunteerism. God want’s willing children who follow him lovingly. Laws don’t do this, we have the whole old testament to prove this, because Christ came because the law couldn’t do this.

So what do we have? God sent the sacrifice for us, so that we can receive freely from Him according to His riches.

As a free people who live according to Grace and volunteerism, we act according to the standard that we grow into. We share according to how we are moved by that standard. We teach and preach according to that life.

So I need to know sin, or oppression? No. I need to know grace, and liberty, so that when I see all things that are in opposition, I recognize them quickly enough to provide a proper response.

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