I got a serious workout tonight. Thx Slash. Man you rock! @Rocksmith vs @BandFuse

I got a serious workout tonight. Thx Slash. Man you rock!

“What!?! You know Slash?!” Nope. I was playing BandFuse on Xbox 360.

Unlike Rocksmith, BandFuse is backed by Fender. So my Telecaster works perfectly. Everything about the game picks up correctly. And I was able to use it to determine that my bridge pickup has a problem. Confirmed the problem on my scope.

So I used the game with only my upper pickup, and all was good. Note that I have a Fender Telecaster, so I only have the two pickups. Unlike one of my Indiana friends when I go out to buy a Telecaster, I don’t end up buying an amazing Stratocaster. [Yes, I still think that was an amazing buy.]

The tutorials are a lot more playable, because the game focuses on accuracy over speed. Also you are continually motivated by the interviews of various artist, Slash being the most prominent.

Just on the picking exercise, which was not disguised as some silly arcade game, I discovered that I am VERY consistent on picking one string down from what I am trying to pick. Which is why I end up Up strumming more often than I should. So now I have my practice routine to overcome that.

A couple of other things to note:

1. The Guitar cable seems to be much better than the Rocksmith one.

2. Rocksmith still hates to detect my fret correctly on some of the exercises, but BandFuse has picked them all up.

I suspect that if you are using an Epiphone or a Gibson, you will probably have good luck on the Rocksmith. But us Fender players, we will probably have an overall better experience with BandFuse. Unprovable until I get my hands on an Epiphone and try it out. (They don’t feel right in my hands.) If I get myself a Les Paul classic, then I may try it with Rocksmith.

BandFuse can support multiple players, and Microphone! Also it is ready for those acoustic-electric guitars.

The win for me: BandFuse. This is an easy call.

After I get by axe back from the shop, I am going to play the hell out of that bridge pickup. (I like outlaw country, which uses a lot of bridge only pickup for the extra twang.)

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