The Government needs to stop acting like God.

When God does something for you, it is from the riches of his realm, but when man does something for you, find out if it is from his wealth, a wealth given to him, or stolen wealth.

Many times the services that you receive from your fellow man, is actually ill gotten goods or services. War on hunger creates hunger because the money that would be spent on my family is now taken in taxes and given to another. The war on poverty creates poverty because the money which I would have used to create jobs, or created wealth, is taken and given to those who create neither. The war on drugs creates life time drug addicts, because they now have a criminal record, they are less employable, and more susceptible to doing worst drugs as a result.

We are talking about here is Man trying to be a sufficiency, and moral guidepost for man. However, this is a failure. Man does not have unlimited wealth or resources, and cannot see all, or know all. So how can man replace God?

If a person prays in supplication to me, to gain my good favor, and receive a reward fitting, they are worshipping me. Plain and simple. So what is the difference when that request is placed to the government? This is idolatry. Government has become your new God.

What is worst, is that the true God gives from His riches, Man’s government gives from the riches of the person standing next to him. This isn’t Agapeo, the love of God in the renewed mind. This is theft. Even a thief can have a sincere heart when he steals, but does that make his actions any less criminal? No.

Everyday we have soldier, in many different countries shooting and killing one another, and bystanders, in the line of duty. Is this alright? When is it murder? My commander says to kill that family, when I do, is that murder? Yes. There is not a one who is with you, by the standards of this world, who is righteous enough to commit a person to death without it being murder. Even Jesus decided that the accusers of the harlot were not innocent enough to execute her. Who are you to do otherwise?

I hope you can see that the distance between God’s realms and Man’s realms is huge. Uncrossably huge. That is to say, that without God, when we try to act as if we are working according to God’s plan, we are actually failing. You cannot do the things of God, unless you have the abundance and power of God. Even Romans makes it clear that the flesh can never please God, for the nature of flesh is death, but the things of God are life everlasting.

Knowing that these things are completely opposite, why do we keep turning to Government to do the things of God?

We do this because we have failed to remember, or even learn what the plan and purpose of Christ Jesus is. He came with God’s righteousness, to be our sacrifice, to be our righteousness, to be our salvation, so that we can come onto God through Christ Jesus.

Your sin is nothing more than your time before Christ. Adam was the first to disobey God, sin began in him. But Eve sinned first? Even was from the rib bone of Adam. Adam means red, as in clay. The first couple were to be treated as one. Eve mean from man. Adam (The couple) was the first of the sinners of the bloodline of man. Christ Jesus is the last of the bloodline of sin, but the first of the bloodline of righteousness. Hence sin had to die with him on the cross.

So are we without sin? No, but sin to be considered dead, and we are to be considered righteous, if we have taken Christ Jesus as our Lord and accepted that God raised him from the dead.

So now that we are bridged to God, having access to His riches, standing amongst our brethren, who are also found in Christ Jesus, why would you steal from the meager wages of your brethren, rather than turn to the riches of your Father?

But Jesus said that what is Cesar’s give unto Cesar. It is true that under imperial Rome, all of the land and all of the money was claimed in ownership by Cesar. However, our constitution and our money are not promised to the ownership of Cesar, or Obama, or any other petty dictator. They are in modern print, One Nation Under God. In older print, “E pluribus Unum”,  “From Many, One”. However the Bill of Rights makes it absolutely clear that property was not considered the ownership of the Government. It was the ownership of the individual. See the 4th amendment. And the criminal courts have ignored the constitution’s 5th amendment by having you rat yourself out, without a warrant, for money that they are stealing from you.

How is a government that acts like a criminal supposed to represent God? Men should stop treating government like it is a God. You need to stop voting for looters, thieves, and murderers, and start voting for people who will get the government out of your lives.


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