Choosing liberty = Choosing to live under the threat of death.

You don’t need those lights:

  • Not paying your taxes is actually a threat of death, even if they don’t declare it that way.
  • If you believe that you have the right to run a business regardless of licensing, you are under a threat of death if you disagree.
  • If you choose to not pay for Obamacare or get insurance you are under the threat of death.


  • First they will fine you.
  • Then they will bar you from your property.
  • Then they will come to arrest you.
  • If you practice your right to self defense in view of liberty, They will shoot you.

Choosing liberty = Choosing to live under the threat of death.

If enough of us choose liberty, then there will not be enough of them to stop us. We can be peaceably free, but we must be ready for their abuse against our liberty. We don’t have to be violent, Gandhi won his fight by NOT raising his fist.

It is possible to not raise a sword or gun, and still win the right to live free, but to do so, means you must defy them at all turns, and all cases. You must live so free that your very existence is abhorrent to their ways. Live so free that by their measure your are treasonous, because by the measure of liberty they have been treasonous for decades.

[Edit: Had to pull the graphic. The host of it blocked me. Oh well.]

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