Net Neutrality is dead again… Finally (hopefully).

There are a lot of fear mongers who want us to believe that without the government interference of the internet that these internet companies will screw with each other, and inevitably screw with us.

Name a government oversight that has worked… still waiting… Every program, every oversight, everything that the government does results in the government having to “reform” their programs. Medicare reform, welfare reform, military reform, postal reform, etc.

Leave the problem and solution to the free market. The only reform we need is for states, counties, and cities, to stop signing monopolies with the various carriers. Suddenly net neutrality is obsolete. If someone starts raising prices, then someone who can do business for less, will move in and drive those prices down.

Hell, even now, wireless solutions are springing up everywhere that challenge the traditional cable solutions.

Here are the facts.

  1. The proponents are the biggest lobbyists who want to break into the ISP and backbone industry, without spending a dime on the physical infrastructure.
  2. The second proponents are the government officials who have proven that they just don’t trust us to do business that is in our own best interest.
  3. The third proponents are the sheep who don’t understand the free market, and don’t believe that group #1 are crony capitalists, who are the same crony capitalists that cause corporate welfare.
Don’t get me wrong, this is a form of corporate welfare. There is no exception to that. Every time the government creates a rule that punishes one business for not doing anything amoral, or rewards a business for doing nothing is corporate welfare. Because either the government is helping a company, or their competitor, rather than having them compete.
“But… but… but… their being greedy, and charging too much to the other ISPs and their customers.”
Lets cover this again. Remove the government enforced monopolies, and the companies that are overcharging will have to compete with everyone else, which means that they won’t be able to charge as much unless they can justify the charges to their customers. If a competitor does not want to pay the line charge of a company that is already there, then the competitor would be able to drop their own line, or team up with other companies to drop several lines, and drive the prices down.
On that same note, if cable too much, switch. Wireless, High Speed DSL, Satellite, and T1 are all options that are still fully available. The nifty thing here is that HS-DSL has increased channel count, which has improved broadband. T1 has dropped prices. I can do Unlimited wireless for $50/mo at HS-DSL speeds.
“Where do I find out about these options?” Bing or Google it. Don’t be lazy and expect me to spell this all out for you.
Note: I’m still looking for an unlimited data wireless who will take payment of 1 BTC/Year.
#NetNeutrality, #BTC, #DontTrustTheGovernment

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