The dishonesty of taxation

All taxes go to the general fund, regardless of how they are earmarked. You are being fooled by a shell game if you think it works otherwise.

With that in mind, lets look at Taxing utilities. So the poor that do pay utilities, because they are not poor enough by the state, or because they resist assistance, are taxed on their utilities to help the poor… Yes, that tax is there, it may be hidden in the state budget, but it is there.

The poor buying clothing are charged sales tax, and the store is taxed on income, payroll, and property, which raises the price on the goods the poor are paying, which raises the tax they are paying. Are you starting to see the problem here yet?

Would you take a donation from a liquor store to pay for the elementary school? That is what is happening with alcohol and tobacco tax. You should thank those alcoholics and smokers next time.

My favorite is, lets fund public school though gambling! Yay, a tax on the stupid to keep kids stupid, and brain wash them into not thinking for themselves.

So what have we learned here?

  1. Taxation for “social reasons” has opposite effects.
  2. Taxation for a cause makes a vice a moralistically good thing.
  3. Close your eyes to sin, if you want to feel good about giving the money to another organization.
And here you were probably thinking I was going to say something about Taxation is Theft.

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