Are you a free and beautiful person? How come healthcare doesn’t think you are?

This isn’t Obamacare complaint, because Obamacare is just the symptom of the real problem. Insurance companies, doctors, and medical organizations do not believe that you are smart enough to take care of yourself.
If you can be trusted enough to provide your allergy list from memory, why the hell aren’t you trusted enough to remember your apnea condition, or other medical conditions. Apparently we are only smart enough to remember our medication allergies. Hell, Kaiser Permanente doesn’t even think I am smart enough to know who I am related to, so they feel they can violate my privacy though mining my public records, and inventing relatives.
So to combat this, I recommend that we start by making public domain versions of medical equipment, that directly competes with the monopolists who have used cronyism for their benefit.
This is my first project, in its infant stage.
Tell me about your projects, and I’ll add them to my list.

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