How I hate JQM

What are my biggest problems with JQM, and why I hate this framework. Based on Version 1.3.1

  1. Slow, Slow, Slow…Large pages with many controls take several seconds to render.
    • I have ripped JQM from mobile survey pages due to this.
  2. Several controls fail to render properly across different browsers.
    • Popups FAIL all together on windows phone, and iPhone
  3. Killing AJAX kills performance even further.
    1. Due to the DOM sniffing the framework does, when you have a top level control that kills the native Ajax support, the child controls get sniffed slower and slower, depending on the hierarchy.
      So I either deal with the slowness, or tag each and every control with a local definition to disable the Ajax support.
    2. It would have been better if they wrote the iterator to accept inherited properties from the parent, so that the child controls would be evaluated with the inherited properties in mind.

HTML 5 w/o JQM, or use JQUI. JQUI, at the time of this article assumes less hijacking of the page, and does less for you, without reducing the control set.

Also I have had fewer issues with JQUI + Knockout than I have ever had with JQM + Knockout.

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