So my Blizzard NDA is long expired, what can I say about Blizzard.

Well, you ain’t gettin nothin from me.

There are a couple of things I will say…

Positives, some are lessons learned:

  1. Keep you eyes open, and your hands up, and you will always find opportunities to learn.
  2. Be a team player, not a boss, and you will find many that will work with you.
  3. Sometimes you have to let the mistake happen, because fighting it many times is a bigger failure. People learn from mistakes. Let them learn, as long as it doesn’t jeopardize the project.
  4. Talk with, not talk at.
  5. Ask over tell.
  6. Suggest over demand.

Negatives, some are still lessons learned:

  1. Brooding is a fail. (Me pointing finger to me.)
  2. Change isn’t just in the nature of the games, it is also in the job description, even if you don’t change jobs.
  3. Up to 2012, I don’t know about after, a crowded campus is even more crowded when you have events. Back then it was very crowded.
  4. Learn to play the games. Nothing is more embarrassing than to be caught no knowing how the card game works, or the board game played.
  5. You will lose contact with work friends. They will move on to other teams, locations, companies, etc.
  6. Do NOT FB or TWEET about anything work! That is friends, coworkers, events, anything, period. Especially if you are either very excited or upset. Saw someone get escorted out due to loving a non-publicly known gift. Oops. Keep your social media about outside of work life. Especially if you really like a particular eatery, or book. ;)


Though I am no longer with Blizzard, for more than a year, I do not regret my time or friendships I developed there.

There is a chance that I may not be able to go to another game company, due to the fact that, once you work for the best, working for #2 just doesn’t seem to meet the standard. So I am back in business application development. 

Though, I may release my own game… another post.

Heh.. I doubt there is anything here that would be considered an NDA breach, or an HR issue. Maybe I should use a different title so you don’t feel ripped off. Nah.

(A|B HR: If there is an issue here, you know how to contact me, and I will do edits.)



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