Back from haitas

Going on Back from haitas for a while.
I cannot say why, but i am going on haitas for a while.
I’m back and expect me to post plenty of web focused technology articles. HTML 5 + jQuery has become one of my favorite topics.

One of my favorite finds is that I keep hearing that you can replace $(document) with just $, Fail. There have been too many situations where $.Ready doesn’t pick up without $(document).

How about Media Queries solve the multiple sites for supporting mobile and non-mobile users. This myth is based on everyone having unlimited bandwidth. If you have customers on metered bandwidth, you are going to want to continue sepparate content. Just make your presenters smart enough to handle the content diffrently.

Justing an asych loader doesn’t solve the problem either. A heavy header load for the additional scripts is no replacement for a simple next/previous link.

Resolution, know your customers before you pick your strategy.

After thought: I really want to edit this template badly. This is actually painful to look at. Don’t be suprized that I come back with a template to pop your eyes out.

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