Every Cent You Make (I’ll be taxing you)–And the following discussion.

This is an entertaining parody. Unfortunately some people just cannot handle the fact that this is a parody.

  • A friend
    The rich need to be taxed to within an inch of their lives. Take it all! Now…anyone within my circle of friends who may feel the need to refute this…think about this. You are not rich. Sorry, you are not rich. The rich folk out the…re are hoping you have outrage over my comment, so that you will do their work for them. They want the poorer folk to inexplicably defend the rich (tax cuts for the rich) out of some misplaced allegiance to ‘conservative values.’ Let’s be clear…the rich are not conservatives….they are oligarchs. And they are laughing at your allegiance to them. Wake up.
  • Me
    Wow, you either know so evil rich people, or you are just talking out of your ass. The rich people I know are fully invested in taking care of their employees, but without bankrupting their business, and without reducing themselves to 0 income.

    This whole “having a successful enough business that I have to have employees” is evil is a BS thought process.

    If an employee thinks that they are being exploited, go find another job. If you are lacking knowledge, find what you want to go into, get the training, and go into it. (Way over simplified, but I don’t feel like writing a full distortion on this.)

  • A friend
    I’m not talking about small business. I’m all for a successful business, but I don’t believe in corporations and the rich using money and influence to overthrow democracy. Of course, people like the Koch brothers classify their corporations as “small businesses” so they can claim to be just average joes and their political operations as just simple, “grassroots” teabaggers. The Koch brothers are big business. They are the kind of people who are fooling lower income conservatives into voting against their own interests and granting tax cuts for the rich; tax cuts that will not “trickle down” to you. Voodoo economics didn’t work then, and it won’t work now. And on top of it, when they wreck the system, they will claim that “we all’ need to sacrifice so that we can pull ourselves out of this mess (which they created). How do they propose to do this? Cut social services (which they will never be eleigble for because they are all trust fund babies). They see that social safety net as a wonderful prize that they have coveted for a generation. Why should the poor get it…they’d just buy food and medicine….but the rich could use it to buy a new Mercedes each year! I have no problem with people making money and getting fabulously wealthy. But why do they have to try and steal money from the poor? Why do they feel the need to take the little that the poor have? Why do they feel that they are entitled to so much from our government, but when the poor need help, they wail and moan and cry out that government is too large and we need to shrink it to the size that we can drown it in a bathtub. Our government was created for the people, not the corporations.
  • Brian Webb Personally I think most problems are resolved by using the anti-trust laws more and more on both the public sector and government entities.

I am repealing my last post.

Koch Bros are considered small business because of their employee count. There is no deception count. Having multiple companies lowers their liability encase one of them fails from one issue or another. This is sound business practice in that if you have two businesses do two different things, it does not make sense to put them under one corp name, unless you are forming a holding firm, but that is just to manage your funds.

Lets look at this in reality. I have two businesses, now I have doubled my number of accountants. I have doubled the minimum number of HR jobs. I have effectively doubled key expenses and certain jobs. I see this as a good thing.

Wealthy generally do not wreck economies, with serious exceptions. What wreck economies comes from people who discover that they can vote themselves in wealth, or buy voters with wealth. Social programs buy votes and create dependencies out of able bodies that need to think for themselves.

I love it when people get wealthy, because they invest in other companies, back loans, buy stuff that other people cannot afford to, that in turn create jobs.

If I am a multimillionaire, and I sell a product that a poor person buys, did I steal from them? (If you say yes, then I’m not going to engage conversation with you in the future on this any more.)

Under the same scenario, If I create 100K new jobs, lets say for what ever the people are willing to work for, am I stealing money from them? If they could make more money working for another person, but they choose to stay, am I stealing from them? If I am only paying minimum wage, and they still decide to stay, rather than pursuing the other job, am I stealing from them?

If I decide that I can spend my money better than the government, even to buy another car, am I not promoting capitalism else where? There was a sales person selling me that car. He made money. The dealership made money. Benz made money. The Government made money on each transaction. Benz had to keep someone employed to make that car. That person made money, and paid tax. The raw materials to make the car had to be acquired and processed, all of those people made money and stayed employed, and were taxed.

Corporations are not faceless entities, they are made up of people. They are part of “We the people…”. Corporations cannot vote, and I am glad, but when they spend money in politics, they are creating jobs, that pay taxes, that influence people in both liberal and conservative directions.

We are in a crony capitalism pattern now. with a legislative vote, and a presidential signature, a company can be made or broken. This is not what the founding fathers planned. This is what is wrong now.

Since my hard swing to Libertarianism, I have even been questioning our involvement in Iraq, but I still don’t buy the blood for oil mantra. I do buy that we failed our objective prior to expanding our expenses. Fail.

BTW: You want an evil multimillionare who damages economies, look at the investment practices and live of George Soros. He publicly stated, and tried to collaps both Englands and the US economy, by playing with investment for the purpose of destroying the two countries. [citation will be posted.]

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