XNA Studio 3 CPT

So far good news, and all the documentation that you expect to be normally missing is missing. Doesn’t matter, you can do this without any extra documentation. Just use the information for PC and XBox game development.

The two big pieces of news:

  • The new XNA studio supports Visual Studio 2008.
  • There is Zune game developement included.

No real documentation for Zune loaded, so here is what I found:

  • Controller pad is treated as the left thumb stick. Large zero surface. Code accordingly.
  • Aspect ratio is 0.75; Expected and normal.
  • Height: 320px & Width:240px. Nice but not awesome.
  • Min Depth: 0 & Max Depth: 1. Also normal.
  • WiFi: Peer-to-Peer only. Adaption of mesh, I suspect.

If you know how to do sprite games for PC or XBox 360 using XNA studio, then you are ready to develop for Zune.

I will post video of my first round exploration soon.

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