Will be posting again soon.

I own several domains that I use to build and test technology against.
My hub for some of this is RPGAmerica.com.
As a temporary solution and a test to see how efficient it is to use static XML as a datasource, I used a pre-existing opensource web application from CodePlex (CodePlex Rocks).

The XML data source is a solid B+.
Under any volume though, it lags way too much.

My next attempt will be CPT of ASP.NET MVC. (Oh yeah, I expect to have to do a bunch of recoding everytime I do a release, after they post a release.

Expect several blog posts on what I find.

2nd note: Rant
DiscountASP is not realy a discount. But, they do seem to be one of the most stable companies. So I will put them at an A.

I was with WebSecureStores.com for the longest time, they actually were cheaper for what I needed than DiscountASP, but they kept monkeying with the provided service, and ticked me off. When I fired them, they offered to restore the features that they took away from me, but it was too late.

Brinkster is an unknown to me. They rocked when they started and all was ASP.NET 1.0, but they started sucking quickly by the time they got to .NET 1.1. When I fired them, it was like, “ok, what ever you want.” Oh yeah, they wanted to keep their customers.

NetworkSolutions got fired when my web apps could not run on their servers, because I needed to write to the file system. They lied about my access, so I fired them.

There are other companies, but I do not want this to become a bitch site. :)

3rd Note: Cool Tech Note
The latest Safari for Windows is lightning fast, but still seems buggy to me. I have not put my finger on all of the issues.

The top issue seems to be that it renders fonts with size defined as pt the same way it does px.
pt is about 33% larger than px. So to minimize my cross browser support, I now just define all fonts as px.

If you are worried about supporting Konquorer, run against Safari, they render off of the same KHTML library.

Also, if it looks right on Safari, it will probably look right on the iPhone. (I like my iPhone.)

4th Note: New Tech Note
If your ASP.NET application fails to work on Win2k8 but works fine on Win2k3, look at your config file or run “%systemroot%\system32\inetsrv\APPCMD.EXE”. This command line tool will modify your config file to run on IIS7.

Rick Strahl had an article on this back from June 2006. Still valid today.

Last Note: Announcements
I have no speaker engagements lined up for the rest of the year. If you want me to present something, give me a shout.

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