Almost forgot about RDBMSX news

For those who don’t know, RDBMSX is the name I gave to a hobby project that I am working on. It is effectively an XML based DB system, with indexes and query language.

The key parts are:

  • All unencrypted files are stored in XML format.
  • The DB engine would be packageable and deployable with your web application.
  • Query language would be xpath (2.0)
  • Unlimited deployment licensing (Open Source project)
  • Connection to the engine would be through XML call to a listener on a port, or through a custom DataProvider (System.IO.RDBMSX Namespace)
  • The server itself would be extenable through it’s namespace
    • RDBMSX.Core (All base classes)
    • RDBMSX.PlugIn (Write your own data direct communication)
    • RDBMSX.Client (A sample client that you can do all administration from.)
    • RDBMSX.Server (Common server components)
    • RDBMSX.Server.Host (Standalone server)
    • RDBMSX.Server.Host.StateManager (State Manager for IIS)
    • RDBMSX.Server.IIS (IIS Hosted Server)

    Though I am detailing this quite a bit, this is still a hobby, and such may be years before I release anything.

    I think all of us power developers need hobby projects.

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