I am doing a presentation in January

I have volunteered to present at http://www.southbaynet.org/.

I am still presenting there, but the last time I checked, the presenter and presentation is still listed as TBD. They are working on this.

Getting started in Linq and Linq for SQL
Some key points will be:

  • Lambda Expressions explained
  • Understanding what “Var” really is for C#, and how it differs from Javascript and other languages
  • Saving time by using SQLMetal
  • Comparing Linq call using Operators to Method Calls
  • CRUD in Linq.

As normal, I will be including commentary and shortcuts on other time saver items.
Expect dry & funny humor.

I will update when I see something else.

As the former ocdotnet.org and ocvbug.org webmaster, I fully understand being late on posting this info. Hopefully they will have it posted by Monday.

This will probably be the last posting before the New Year, So Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year. I would say Happy Ramadan, but we missed that by a month.

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