WoW is out, XBox 360 Dev is in.

Seriously. I have been studying up on game dev for modern platforms.

I know that I have not developed a game since the Apple ][+, but things have gotten both easier and harder since then.

  • Now I can code a game in C#.
  • Then I had to code everything in Assembly. Compilers were never efficient enough.
  • Now I have both DirectX and XNA libraries to pull from.
  • Then I had to figure out how to do scene management.
  • Now I have a massive online community to pull from.
  • Then I had me and the Apple fan group at the local collage.

I think I will start easy, Like a PVP Pong.

Does this mean that I am putting aside my .NET 3.5 and XML stuff?

Heck no! It is because of Silverlight, WCF, WWF, and other new technologies, that got my interest going. I’ll explain more later.

I still have a massive love for ASP.NET, just encase you were wondering.

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