Shared hosting plans & DNN

This seems like it should be a single topic, but I am going to treat it like two.

Every year or two, I have to switch hosting providers, because the one I am current with starts letting me down in ways that I find unacceptable.

Currently I have several sites hosted on This is now a problem, since they nolonger allow direct access to the SQL DB from SQL Manager.

The only way I can get in, is through their weak web based sql manager, or through my own application on their server. Not going to work.

If you don’t want that route, then they will allow you do backup your DB, download it, then make changes, and upload from your local backup. With that plan, I lose all activity that had accumulated from the backup to the restore.

Also, don’t hit their email server too often from a single IP, they will block you for an hour.

These guys are now on my thumbs down list.

I dropped these guys 3 years ago, because they couldn’t keep their servers online.

I never went a week without either their hosting down or their email down.

I have not been back since.

Network Solutions

Tried their hosting, did not support DNN at the time. I left.

Great at first, but the issues I was having with reliability, from DNN being taken down from loose configuration issues, was too much for me.

Now lets talk about DNN

I like the all in one portal, but I find the program to be bloated, slow, and way to volitile for installation. It is nifty for a content manager though.

I have been working on a static page generator for DNN. This will resolve some of the problems, but not nearly enough of them.

I am also puting my static content generator into it’s own portal project. If all goes well, I will publish it to (It was webcomic lite. I killed that project, due to architectural considerations.)

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