The loss of an old buddy, Ashton.

Ashton is not a person, but my favorite cigar. I have not been able to light-up and enjoy a cigar for months. Every time I do, I go into a massive coughing fit, or I feel sick right a way.

I’m gonna miss my cigar time, but I am enjoying the money I save.Maybe I can find other things to cut out to save even more. Food? Gas?

Just wait. By the time this war on terror is over, we will be charged by the mile that we walk, just to cover the gas prices.

I am seriously thinking of getting a used Vespa to drive to work on. (Seriously, no FLCL jokes please.)

I rambled my way from one conversation right into the next. And it was all with myself.

How efficient of me to be able to do this by myself. ^_^

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