Good thing that the UN does not fight crime

The UN brokered a deal with Lebanon and Israel to create a cease fire.

  • A DMZ would be formed by an international military between Israel and Lebanon
  • Part of the rules for the DMZ is the size of the international forces.
  • Also Hezbollah would disarm
  • Someone from the DMZ area would provide the mechanism to disarm Hezbollah.


  • A DMZ is slowly being formed
  • The # of solders from France are a fraction of what was promised. Now the UN has to scramble to get more.
  • Nobody is admitting to taking the stance to disarm Hezbollah.
  • And they are not volunteering.

Next step:

  • Hezbollah will attack Israel again.
  • Israel will return the favor again.
  • If the prime minister does not get some backbone, then the next wave will be devastating to Israel.
  • If the prime minister does get backbone, then we will see something that looks like the aftermath of WWII.
  • In reality, fanatics bent on death or killing only understand death.

I am a fanatic, bent on life, but I am not blind to those who only understand death.

If they turn from their path, and there is hard proof of earnesty, then I welcome them with an olive branch, otherwise, I welcome them with my sword.

True peace in an individual is found in Christ, in a nation, in recognising and ending villainous ways.

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