Ending pyamid schemes

What is a pyramid scheme?

It is a program, where you make money by only selling other people into the pyramid.

There is no actual product being sold.

Here is dataentrybank.com. these people are as close to a pyramid as you can get.

What they sell for $50 you can get for free, and the company that they set you up with also you can get for free. These people are affiliated with Clickbank.com. You may want to avoid that company too.

So what do you get?
Loss income, and grief. If you read the disclaimer, you will find that the success stories are the minority, not the majority.

How did you get that information?

It is past time for the FTC to shut these companies down.

The job of the government is to protect the citizens. So why isn’t the FTC running a nice big public investigation on these people?

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