REVIEW: Programming Sudoku (Technology in Action) (Paperback)

Programming Sudoku (Technology in Action) (Paperback)
Programming Sudoku (Technology in Action) (Paperback) by Wei-Meng Lee

This book teaches more than Sudoku, it covers the process of developing game logic development and intelligence.

There are two games covered, Sudoku and Kakuro. Only Sudoku is covered as a step by step process on developing a game generator and solver. Kakuro, has enough information that a standard programmer should be able to build a generator and solver.

The book is both informative and entertaining to read. When I was finished, I was very motivated to build my own variants.

There is quite a bit of resistance to games built with .Net, specially VB.Net. This book does a great job in showing the power of VB.Net as a competitive platform outside of business development.

The discussion on puzzle solving can be applied to any development language.

Where this book has a short coming is that it does not cover other forms of logical puzzle solving. There are plenty of other methods not covered. An appendix of those, what they are, and what the benefits of them are, would have been a nice bonus.

Over all, I liked this book.

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