Many notes on politics

Memorial Day (Reposted from one of my dead blogs)

Please do not forget that this is not just for hot dogs and BBQ. This is in commemoration
for our heroes who fought and died in the many wars that we have been through.

It is now whether we won or lost, improved lives or lost them. It is about being
thankful that we have people who are not just able, but willing to put their lives
on the line for our benefit and the benefit of others.

I want to make sure you take particular attention to that last part: “…and the
benefit of others.”

Did we have to fight in WWII European theater? No. Did we have to fight in WWI?

Did we need to liberate the Afghanistan people from a tyrannical government? No.

Are all of the countries perfect now? No. Are they better off than they were? I
have heard enough to say yes.

This is why we celebrate Memorial Day. To keep in memory that we have paid a great
price for what we have today. Though we pay it again and again, with every war,
we do not pay it without understanding what we loose or what we will never have
back again.

So to our active and inactive solders, sailors, and marines, thank you. You make
us proud and we cannot give you proper gratitude for that.

Kyoto Protocol and UN (Reposted from one of my dead blogs)

Yes, I would reject “Kyoto Protocol” too.

The US leads every other country in providing cleaner alternatives to living than
any other developed country.

My youngest brother just got back from Beijing China after getting a bronchial infection
from being in one of the most polluted places in the world. By the way, China, who
should have been held to the same standards as the US, was most exempt.

Rather than having other country’s standards shoved down our throat, I say we continue
taking the lead. Make it easier for our own companies to come up with cleaner burning
fuels. Endorse and even actively promote green power sources, like wind and solar.

This isn’t to say that we need new laws to do this. We need grants and tax incentives
to do this. How about tax exempt status for all purchases of clean burning and green
fuels for the next 10 years. That will get the ball rolling. And we aren’t making
criminals of good people in the process.

The other reason I do not like the Kyoto Protocol, is that it taxes us for non-compliance,
in the form of fines. That is simply BS. We are a sovereign nation. We are made
up of FREE people. A tax against our nation is a tax against our people. That is

The UN continually tries to flex it’s power over all of it’s members. The UN is
a voluntary membership of each nation. It was formed to provide a formal means to
communicate and promote peace. It has become the biggest most inefficient ineffective
travesty of modern history. We need to take the lead and exit it. We have treaties
with our allies, we have embassies in their countries, as they do here. This other
“governing body” makes our federal government look like a harmless child.

Clean burning fuel or profitablility? (Reposted from one of my dead blogs)

Again, I turned to the midwest for practical solutions.

What I found was Kentucky Clean Fuels Coalition.

This site has the breakdown on the following alternativc fuels.

  • Biodesel
  • Compressed Natural Gas
  • Ethanol (E10 & E85)
  • Electric
  • Hybrid Electric
  • Idle Reduction
  • Propane (LPG)

Why did I pick this site? They are approaching alternative fuel as a business option,
not as a taxable or government mandated option. This goes back to my minimalizing
the federal government.

By the way, E85 vehicles are available now, and they only cost a little more than
the non-E85 equivelent. They are manufactured for almost all major makes and models
of vehicles right now.

So with an E85 car, your patrolium use drops to 15% of what it is now, and your
Methenol derivitive fuel increases to 85%.

Quoted directly from Kentucky Clean Fuels Coalition:

An alcohol based liquid fuel, Ethanol is used as an oxygenate in 10 – 15%
form and as a primary fuel in its 85% mixture. It is renewable and made from corn,
sugar cane or carbohydrate feedstock. All vehicles are capable of running on an
ethanol blend below 15%. Vehicles capable of operating on E85 can be purchased from
the auto manufacturers today. These vehicles are “flexible-fuel” vehicles – meaning
they can operate on E85 or gasoline or any mixture of them both.

Bush speech (Reposted from one of my dead blogs)

In reality, there is nothing new here.

1st issue:

The use of National Guard is a very diluted attempt to appease the American masses,
I am think it will do just that.

A better way, is to work with the Minuteman project. They are already planning on
expanding the US fence for the Government. They are already planning on putting
in the surveillance. And they are probably going to have this done more efficiently
than any government agency. No $10,000 hammers here.

And the Minutemen are already working as a non-law enforcement level agency.

So rather than wasting more tax money on a misuse of the military, lets have a government
grant formed to have the Minutemen do the job and get it done.

2nd Issue:

This is full amnesty. This is bull. This is insulting to the people that have been
trying and waiting to come into this country legally for years.

Guest worker pass is H1B and H1A, we do not need another one.

The solution is to do a massive round up and deport. Sorry I do not believe in driving
people out by attrition. That would only lead to more crime.

Before someone ask, Mexico is resource strong. Maybe even better than China. Lets
send our highly educated resource and process managers down there to start businesses
and build new job for the people that live there. Mexico has the potential to become
a Jr USA in economic affluency, if they learn how to take advantage of their resources.

So the real solution is to make Mexico more attractive for Mexicans, and they will
stop coming here.

Do I want them here? YES, as LEGAL immigrants.

The other points that bush made are fluff, and just detractions from this.

I also want to make one other point quite clear, I do not hate nor am I mad at the
president, I am painfully disappointed with ALL of the federal government and their
disconnect with those of us who have a net work of under $10 million, $1 Million,
$100 Thousand, etc.

Only 14% of the country has 90% of the wealth. The middle class has all but vanished.
This pattern has to stop.

The best way to keep the wealthy wealthy is to make it harder and more punishing
for those who are not wealthy to start making wealth.

I understand that these 14% are the largest individual employers, so I do not believe
in dragging them down either. I want to reward success at all levels, and remove
rewards for failure.

I believe in safety nets, but I know that charity organizations can do a better
job of doing that than any government agency. There are even published research
that states the the “New Deal” may have prolonged the depression, rather than helped
people through it.

Lets learn from our mistakes and stop the socialization of America NOW, and free
Americans from government oppression NOW.

War in the Middle East (Reposted from one of my dead blogs)

1. Cannot leave now because it will only get worst.

How can you give hope to people for a brighter tomorrow, and then pull it right
out from under them? Sure, I know that our good solders are getting hurt and even
diing, but lets not let their sacrifice be in vain. We must finish the job.

Also, we did not draft these people into service, and we are still not drafting
them in. We currently are running under an all voluntary army.

2. Did Saddam use Risin on his own people? That is a hard documented yes. Is this
a WMD? Yes. If someone shoots you, can you assume that is his only bullet in his
gun? No. Do I now believe that he had more? I think it is possible, but this is
no longer about WMDs.

We must stay to ensure that the people living there have a chance to make their
fledgling democracy grow.

Just as our founding fathers made mistakes, then formed the Bill of Rights, I expect
both the people of Iraq and Afghanistan to do the same.

3. What about Iran? Listen to what some of the media want you to think about the
US Midwest and gun totin’ (AKA extreemist, from anywhere) conservatives, and you
hear, “turn it into glass” (usually ment in bad humor), or “turn it into a crater”
(also usually ment in bad humor). I say, nuclear material has a huge contamination
period, and you do not need to rely on a nuclear explosion. A plain old suitcase
bomb will contaminate the subways or hospitals of any nation including Israel, France,
England, Italy, etc. The Russians and Chinese are playing a very dangerous game.
I would almost, if it would cause the UN to pass a sanction against Iran, have Russia
and China lead that invasion, which they wont. Make it a deal with them. You don’t
want us doing it. Then stand up and take action so we don’t have to.

The countries that are “Favored” trading partners. Make them work to keep that status.

The US does not need to lead every charge, we just need to lead in the moral stance
that acting like a terrorist is no longer acceptable. Invading and attacking your
neighbor is no longer acceptable.

Now, our “allies” who have helped to feed the fires that we now fight, need to stand
up and put then out.

3. A whole lot of this is caused from us miss-using the intelligence agencies. Saddam,
himself, had help of the CIA, to get where he is now. Lets stop trying to pick the
lesser of multiple evils, and focus on not endorsing evil at all.

4. We have two major allies in that region that we must protect, Turkey and Israel.
I am not excluding the other Mediterranean countries, Italy has proven to be a real

Though we may be uncomfortable with some of Turkey’s stances, they have done their
best to not hinder us, while maintaining their own peace.

Israel is under constant attack by the Palestine, and some of the people of Palestine
have even voted Hammas into power. Hammas has vowed to not rest until Israel is
gone. I would not rest until Hammas is ostracized by the very people that it claims
are its own.

That organization must fall apart from withing it’s own ranks. Same with Al-Quida.

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