Creating .resources.dll files for cultures supported by your project

Got this from MSDN

  1. First, ensure you have a default .resx or .resources file in your project.
    Take the default .resx or .resources file and create a separate localized file for each culture you want to support.
  2. Each file should contain resources with the same Names; the Value of each resource in the file should contain the localized value.
  3. Localized resource files should be named according to their culture, for example, ..resx or ..resources.
    Add the new resource files to the project, ensuring each one has its Build Action set to Embedded Resource.
  4. Build the project.
  5. The compiler and linker will create a separate satellite assembly for each culture. The satellite assemblies will be placed in subdirectories under the directory holding your main assembly. The subdirectories will be named by culture, allowing the .NET runtime to locate the resources appropriate to the culture in which the application runs.

The main (default) resources file will be embedded in the main assembly.

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