Microsoft ships beta stuff

SQL 2005 Management Tools
Though the SQL Engine is solid as a rock from my testing the management tools are still beta.
I have crashed the summary tab many times now. They only way to recover is to close the Management console and relaunch it.

Visual Studio 2005
Besides the XML tools being messed up. Making it harder to go from XML to XSD to Code supporting XSD, and removing Web Application, there are plenty of things that needed to be placed in either the right click menus or the top menus. I’ll post them as I run across them.

Built in security controls and tables, not ready of enterprise. Very illogical, but functional, design. Great for small to medium small sites. Not ready for primetime. Too much is designed for static information, and deployed XML files. Not enough on the power of SQL. Too many one to one tables, that are small in the first place. “Hey we got a code monkey, let him pop out the core built-in publicly released security framework.”

BizTalk 2004/2006
Good program, PRE-alpha documentation.

Does it sound like I am frustrated? Hell Yes!
Does it mean I am ready to drop the new stuff and run back? Hell No!
There is still a ton of improvements that are directly applicable, and everything that I ran into that is a pain in the butt, is fixable, or bypass-able.

Don’t expect too much detail on this. I was just venting, with the hopes that someone from MS will see this.

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