Code Camp Part 2: Observations

A few points regarding Code Camp.
Note: I will start posting my presentation when I get to “Code Camp Part 3: Presentation”.

1. Gripe: I suck… [lol].
Honestly, I needed more presentation time and preparation. I basically took a 2+ hour presentation and chopped it up for a 45 min confusion. I just hope I put enough Perls of wisdom in there to help people out. This is why it is so important that I post everything.

2. Gripe: My projector sucked.
I’m back at my office and I am not having the problems with the projector that I was at the event.

3. Kudos: Most of the people who attended seemed to know what they wanted. Another reason it is so important for me to post my code. The attendees really made the show for me. Next time I will break up my presentation and cover more information over more sessions in better depth. I way underestimated the nature of the attendees.

4. Kudos: CSF and MS for putting this together. I would have liked to see the professors or Sr students from CSF fill in the gaps for things like PHP and Perl development, but I think they did awesome.

5. Top assistance goal: I would love to help recruit more presenters for things like XML, Perl, PHP, Java, Delphi, Linux/Unix development, Oracle, etc. These are also other great things for people to be aware of if not learn to at least an introductory level.

In closing, I got to get my presentation posted.

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