Code Camp Part 1: Corrections

For those of you who attended I have a couple of corrections.

  1. Generating XSDs are easy in VS2005. After saving your XSD go to the XML menu and select Create Schema.

    Microsoft should not have changed the old right click to generate functionality of the old one.

  2. The tool to generate your code for the XSD is either


    XSDObjectGen.exe (A much better tool)

If you decide to use XSDObjectGen.exe, then what you may want to do is to add it to your External Tools collection of VS2005 under “Tools>>External Tools…”.

Set your parameters as the following

  • For VB: $(ItemPath) /l:vb /f:$(ItemFileName).vb /c /d /t
  • For C#: $(ItemPath) /l:cs /f:$(ItemFileName).vb /c /d /t

More will be posted soon.

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