Top reasons for not being interviewed by me

When I post a job opening, there are a few criteria I expect. It just blows my mind when people miss basic professionalism.

  1. Your grammar should be at least in the 6th grade level. Especially if you are H1A or H1B.
    • Use proper capitalization and punctuation.
    • Use proper sentense structures.
  2. Use the spell checker.
  3. Do not use Instant Message shortcuts when emailing for a professional position.
    • “U R not L33t”, and “U R” not employed by me over this.
    • I can see this in Text messaging or instant messaging, but not in an email requesting an interview.
  4. Do not be demanding.
    • Be factual and inquisitive.
    • By demanding something from me at an interview time, or preinterview, I’ll just toss your resume, and end it right there.
  5. Get your facts right.
    • If you are going to try to deceive me, at least realize that there was no Visual Studio 2004. It was 2002 and 2003.
    • Even if this is a simple typo, you just lost my interest due to your lack of detail.
  6. My favorite issue is the old “resume.doc”.
    • How may people do you think send me a “doc” file that is named “resume.doc”?
    • Each one overwrites the previous, so the only one I actually see is the last one.
    • Use your name as part of the file name, “JohnDoeResume.doc”.

If anyone actually reads this blog, I hope that you get something out of this. Like maybe a job that pays better than Burger King.

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