Read this first.
When installing the 2.0 framework, a few things happen.

  1. 90% of the Beta stuff for VS2005 stops working, including the IDE
  2. J# for 2.0 has to be uninstalled
  3. Beta compiled software starts complaining. I don’t know if this is everywhere, but some of my desktop apps died.
  4. Web apps may die. Mine did.


  1. Keep your MSDN subscription going, because the IDE can be downloaded for 2005 release.
  2. Backup your code and restore your computer from your pre-beta ghost.
  3. If you didn’t ghost before hand, no problem, you just have a long clean up process before you.

  4. Unless you are installing from DVD or HD, expect a long install process for the new IDE. the SDK install is 300MB by itself.

Good luck and have fun with the new Framework.

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