How to defuse political spam between friends

I specificly mean those emails that are going between two friends and then they decide to put you in the middle.

Usually one is very dedicated to their beliefs and clearly states it, the second has such a hard rise of frustration from the first that they reply with something that skips too many steps in the middle to figure out what they are discussing.Solutions:

  • Do not interject your opinion yet. First anayze and defuse comments and what may be flames first.
  • Provide some basic logic to support both sides if available.
    Conceede to errors based on presumptions durrived from missinformation.
    Stay honest.
  • For all parties, do not wimp out and conceed on issues that you are standing on, however allow for honest discussion. Point-counter-point type of discussion. This is an expression of ideas, not an attack.
  • If it becomes an attack, and not just bad humor, stop participating, or block the attacker.
  • There are plenty of people who will discuss their point without getting irrational.
  • Be ready to be proven wrong, and accept it gracefully. Does not mean you have to change your opinion, but your “facts” may have to come from another source.
  • Look for the best in getting other opinions. Diffrent points of view give you new perspectives in viewing a thing or situation.
  • There are no faceless entities. Even corporations managers and owners have faces. Sometimes the discussion shouldn’t be between the debaters, but with the company manager/owners.

These are only some of my most common rules, not all of them. And they generally not rules, but some guidelines that help me keep my sanity.

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