What I hate about XMLSpy

Start with XMLSpy with all of the bells and whistles, especially if you have the full XML suite is mostly great.

XMLSpy only creates XSDs or DTDs when you are past the free version. Not realy a problem. The problem is Stylevision only will generate XSLTs from XSDs ot DTDs, unless you want to type everything by hand.

Guess what… I’ve been doing it by hand, and I’m pretty good at it. Having to generate another file to import into a limping program, so that it is useful, is not my idea of a good program.

I’ve been using Xtrans, a free program, that I can edit and test from one app, useful and easy. However, there are no real bells or whistles on it, and you realy need to understand XML, XPATH, and XSLT.

XMLSpy does the XSD with code, perfectly. StyleVision also has great tools for output formatting for PDF and other formats.

Without going into much detail, individually I hated Stylevision, but liked XMLSpy. As part of the XML Suite, I found them very useful.

Now it is time for me to get back to coding on notepad. LOL

Rating: 1 (Poor) to 5 (Great)
XMLSpy – a solid 4
StyleVision – 2
XML Suite (bundle) – 4.5

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